Drift Innovations Releases Shoulder Mount Harness System

by Brian Mullin on January 5, 2013

Thoughts => This new system from Drift looks a bit like the GoPro
Chesty, but it obviously opens up some new perspectives for the Drift
cameras, since you can get something besides the typical floating on top
of your head viewpoint. Due to the shape and mounting interface of
their cameras, they can’t be used in a chest manner, and you were stuck
with either a handlebar or helmet location. I always like the helmet
viewpoint myself, as it’s easier to install and offers the most stable
and rigid platform for recording. While this system looks very
intriguing, I am not sure how useful it will be for the average mountain
biker or skier who also wears a pack? I would have preferred some sort
of system that could interface onto an existing hydration pack, as this
one seems superfluous. 


Drift Innovation Introduces New Shoulder Mount with Harness
Drift Innovation, manufacturers of high quality action cameras and the
new HD Ghost, introduces the Drift Shoulder Mount with Harness.

Drift Innovation, manufacturers of high quality action cameras and the new feature-rich HD Ghost, introduces the Drift Shoulder Mount with Harness.
Offering the user the opportunity to capture a unique point of view
camera angle, the harness sits comfortably on the shoulder.
excited to offer our customers another mounting option for their POV
cameras,” says John Rounds, Managing Director for Drift Innovation Inc.
“With the action camera market growing rapidly, it’s important for us to
consider all types of sports and mounting options. The new Shoulder
Mount with Harness is another way to capture unique footage hands free.”

position of the shoulder mount allows the wearer to place a Drift
camera forwards or backwards, depending on desired perspective. The
harness also ensures a smoother, more aesthetically appealing filming
angle. The camera naturally follows the movement of the body to help
eliminate undesired shaking footage.

Made from 38mm webbing, the
Drift Shoulder Mount with Harness contains a “non slip” silicone banding
on the reverse side to prevent it from moving out of place in the heat
of the action. High strength polymers have been used to produce the
shoulder mount, front & back plates and the side release buckle,
making it extremely durable. The 38mm ladder lock makes it quick and
easy to adjust and ensures that one size fits all.The Drift shoulder
mount with harness is ideal for all your action sports activities,
including motorbike riding, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking,
surfing, skateboarding, parachuting, etc. and is 100% -compatible with
the universal clip delivered with all Drift cameras including the Drift HD Ghost, the Drift HD and the Drift HD 720. Now available in stock, MSRP $39.99

Drift Innovation is an action sports technology company specializing in
the capture and sharing of digital imagery across all platforms. Drift
manufactures quality point of view HD cameras, mounts and accessories,
inspiring action sports enthusiasts to document their experiences,
capture the emotion and share their vision with friends and family.
Drift’s mission is to ensu that their unique product features such as an
LCD screen for instant playback, wireless remote control, rotatable
lens and intuitive interface, guarantee a simple, positive user
experience. Drift sponsored professional athletes in moto, auto,
outdoor, snow, aquatic and airborne sports, are an integral part of the
R&D process, testing the performance and durability of Drift
products in the field. Drift, widely recognized as one of the top three
point-of-view camera brands globally, distributes its products in more
than 25 countries. For more information about Drift Innovation, visit driftinnovation.com and follow Drift Innovation on facebook.com/driftinnovation and on Twitter, @DriftInnovation.

Source – Aubrey Volger

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