Eating for Winter Breathing

by Brian Mullin on January 30, 2013

Erin Schanke over at KIND Healthy Snacks
sent along a short tabular story about ‘Eating for Winter Breathing’.
She worked with registered dietitians on the story, and it focuses on
some of the top lung-friendly foods that people can warmly enjoy and help
improve their breathing during winter’s coldest, most trying months.
Anyone who has gone outside to exercise when its cold can attest to the
brutal attack that the chilly environment can do to our breathing and
lungs.  I know for a fact that nuts really help the body function well
in colder weather, but I was surprised at some of the other foods she
included. I guess I need to roll out the carrots and peppers for the
next foray outside!

I am most familiar with the
bars, but they also have granola. Everything is Gluten-Free, which makes
my Celiac body all happy! We’ll get a short taste test going on some of
their products and report back to everyone.

Healthy fats, such as nuts, help promote cardiovascular health and may even help minimize mucous production.
This Apple Cinnamon & Pecan bar from KIND is chock full of nuts and pecans and is perfect warmed up for a pre-work out snack.
Carrots offer Vitamin A and C, and Vitamin A has a direct link to lung health! Carrot soup is an easy, healthy way to warm up this nutrient packed veggie.
Red bell peppers are high in an orange-red compound called beta-cryptoxanthin which helps breathing and lower risk of lung cancer.
Warm up your favorite red pepper hummus and serve with cut up slices of bell peppers.
Studies have found that good lung function is associated with high intakes of vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, citrus fruits, apples, and fruit juice.
Oat makes amazing apple cinnamon oatmeal that is made with real apples. You can even mix this into your own apple crisp recipe to feed your sweet tooth craving.

KIND makes there all natural whole nut and fruit bars from ingredients you can ‘see and
pronounce’ and everything combines to make a healthy, wholesome and tasty snack. They really work on the paradigm of moving the KIND forward in the world, both in the guise of their KIND Movement, and the doing things in an economically
sustainable and socially impactful manner.

Here is their large selection of KIND Plus, KIND Fruit & Nuts and KIND Nuts & Spices bars.

About KIND
KIND was conceived in 2003 by Daniel Lubetzky, a social entrepreneur
whom TIME Magazine recognized in 2009 among “25 Responsibility Pioneers”
and BusinessWeek named among “America’s Most Promising Social
Entrepreneurs.” In 1994, Daniel first founded PeaceWorks Foods, a
“not-only-for-profit” company that fosters economic cooperation among
neighbors striving to co-exist in conflict regions worldwide. PeaceWorks
launched several award-winning healthy food products and its joint
ventures continue to bring people together, but Daniel was still
searching for that elusive snack that was wholesome and convenient,
tasty and healthy at the same time.

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