Just In – Answer WON and Sleestak Gloves

by Brian Mullin on February 5, 2013

Answer WON Gloves
The new Answer WON gloves are light, breathable with great tactile
feel, and use their “Answer-it” technology index finger, which allows
the user to manipulate smart phone screens (not tested). The Smartphone
usability should be excellent to answer a call without fumbling to
remove your gloves, and if you use your phone for a GPS. The WON is a
lighter version of their Rove XC glove, and was also part of their close
work with HTP riders. It has a light nylon upper with pre-curved
fingers and Amara perforated palms, and should be ideal for warm weather

Thoughts => They have a decent fit and are thin enough
to give some tactile response. They have good durability, and haven’t
torn and worn out from my typical high levels of glove abuse.  The
“Answer-it” index finger does work just fine, but I did find it a bit
sloppy, and could only be used for rough phone work (nothing that
required dexterity like texting). 

Company Specs:
answer Won glove is the brain child of HTP riders like Eric Porter.
They wanted lighter, tighter and more breathability combined with
“answer-it” technology to share their ride perspectives fast.

  • Colors – B.C. Green & Black, White & Red, Black & White, All Black
  • Amara perforated palm with pre curve shape
  • Absorbent fleece thumb
  • Anatomical pre curved fingers with tapered stitch and knuckle flex fit
  • Silicone printed non slip fingers
  • Box stitch 1st finger design with “answer- it” Tech
  • Proprietary / Specially formulated material for positive phone interface.

Answer Sleestak
The Sleestak is a lobster mitt, that keeps your three smaller fingers
together, and then gives you a separate trigger finger for shifting and
braking purposes.  The weather just turned warmer so I haven’t been able
to test them as yet, but they feel comfortable and have enough
insulation that they should be fine on most any cold day, outside of
those super frigid temperatures. The palm has some silicone graphics, so
they should sticky and tacky enough to stay securely on the bars.

Company Specs:
will make you look like a 1970’s alien and keep your hands warm. It’s a
“3 in 1″ mitt with PrimaLoft® insulation. When combined with the grip
feel that answer is known for, it’s an ideal choice when the
temperatures head south.

  • Size options S, M, L, XL
  • Color options B.C. Green & Black, White & Red, Black & White
  • PrimaLoft® Insulated
  • Rated to 20F (-7C) **dry cold**
  • Nylon Ripstop top with Amara palm
  • Breathable, durable, comfortable

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