Magura goes Electric – eLECT Fork Adjuster

by Brian Mullin on May 28, 2013

Magura is joining RockShox and FOX with their own iteration of electronics for a fork. In Magura’s case, they’re coming out with an electronically controlled lock out damper cartridge, which can be automatically or manually actuated.

announced the eLECT automatic fork adjuster for their TS forks at the
Sedona press camp this week. It’s comprised of a DLO² damper with
electronic ON-OFF and blow-off uses a 3D accelerometer and a handlebar
mounted Ant+ remote. Magura has four different compressions dampers
now, the DLO2 (Dynamic Lock Out 2 position), the DLO3 (Dynamic Lock Out
3 position), the SL (fixed compression) and the new eELCT. Basically,
the eELCT is an automatic lock out cartridge that is either on or off,
with a non adjustable blow off for larger impact, the latter because the
shim stack is factory set. The 3D accelerometer in the damper is just
like what your smartphone or video game controller uses, and will lock
out the fork in 0.2 seconds when it’s detected orientation reaches a
preset pitch angle, or it’s impacted. It was pretty cool to hold the
damper in your hand and tilt it slightly and feel it vibrate as it went
into a lock out mode. The unit is oriented towards the cross country
rider where performance and efficiency are paramount, but it can be used
by longer travel forks if desired, since the damper is plug-able into
any of their TS forks. During initial factory testing, a rider went for
an hour loop with the manual lockout and used it 25 times, and then
redid the same loop using the eLECT, and it engaged the lockout 200
times, showing a greatly increased utilization by the automatic
electronic system. For safety and control, it has a blow off and a free
fall detection if big drops are encountered and will unlock the fork
before impact, and if anything electronically malfunctions, the damper
reverts to the open mode. No release date or retail cost is available as

eLECT is calibrated by pushing down the top of the damper three times
when the bike is level, and this setting tells the damper’s internal
sensor at what angle the fork will initiate lock out. If you want the
lock out to occur sooner just stick a brick under the rear wheel (bike
pointed down) during calibration, and conversely if you want it to
engage on a steeper inclination, put the brick under the front tire
(bike pointed up). The calibration can be set to whatever you like, and
can be altered for different terrain, courses or personal preferences.

eLECT damper is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery that is
charged via its micro USB port, which located under the waterproof screw
on top cap. The battery life in the automatic mode is 40 hours and 60
hours in manual, and it takes no more than a couple of hours for a full
recharge. If the battery dies during a ride, the electronics is
incapacitated, it reverts to the open mode. To save battery life, it
will shutoff or go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity, and will
reawaken 5 seconds after an initial impact. There is a master on/off
switch under the cap, that will be useful during storage or when
transporting the bike. In future versions, the USB port might allow data
downloads, so you could examine the amount of travels used, number of
lockouts, and various other sundry information. It must be installed
with the arrow pointing forward, so that the calibration and electronics
function properly.

The remote communicates and pairs to the eLECT damper using ANT+
protocol, which is a Garmin proprietary wireless sensor network
technology. The remote is powered by a watch battery, and the wireless
engagement allows placement of the eLECT into full auto and manual
modes, all with a quick indention of its button. The remote can attach
with either a separate clamp or be integrated with the MT or HS brake
clamps. Press the button to engage automatic mode, press again for
manual mode, again to lock the fork, and again to unlock, and then it
cycles back to auto.

Press Release

Always in the correct mode with the new MAGURA eLECT
Automatic fork adjustment to inclination or impacts

Locked or unlocked, when it matters: The intelligent eLECT module from
MAGURA senses the riding situation, second by second, meter for meter.
Due to the effectiveness of the 3D-acceleration sensor any changes to
the inclination or impacts are immediately registered.

With the
electronic ON-OFF and blow-off function in DLO² (Dynamic Lock Out) the
new system is in a position to adjust the fork to a suitable mode for
any given situation. At 93g total weight the new system manages to weigh
in 15g lower than the mechanical DLO². Naturally the eLECT rider can
always chose between automatic and manual modes using the wireless
remote – depending on the chosen route and personal preference.
Additionally the eLECT can be calibrated – this allows the rider to
specify the tilt angle which the system will then use to automatically
lock or unlock. One of the system highlights is the ability to detect
free-fall – this opens the previously locked fork to allow for a soft
landing which will then automatically relock depending on the tilt
angle. The rider can concentrate on the trail and prepare for any
difficult sections without needing to make any fork adjustments.

eLECT is perfectly adapted and has been matched for use with all MAGURA
TS 8 R and TS6 forks. The wireless remote has been designed to fit
directly to all MAGURA MT and HS brake clamps but it is possible to fit
with any model if used in conjunction with an additional clamp. The
power-on time is 40h in automatic mode and 60h in manual mode which
should be more than sufficient for most bike trails. Recharging the
eLECT can be easily done through a micro USB-port. Within a few hours
the system is fully recharged and the rider is armed for the next trail.

Product Features:

  • DLO² with electronic ON-OFF and blow-off
  • 15g lighter than the mechanical DLO²
  • Automatic or manual mode options can be chosen using the wireless remote
  • Remote module with separate clamp or direct mounted on all MT or HS brakes
  • 3D-acceleration sensor registers inclination and impact to enable automatic ON-OFF
  • Calibration option – selects the tilt angle desired by the user to unlock the fork
  • Free-fall detection – opens the locked fork during flight to facilitate a soft landing
  • 40h power-on time in automatic mode – 60h power-on time in manual mode – recharge using a micro USB port

About MAGURA (Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG)
The Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG is a company specialising in
accessories, service and components for all types of two wheeled
vehicles. The company is renowned through the brand name MAGURA for its
hydraulic brakes for bicycles and for the development of parts used in
all manners of two wheeled sporting activity. MAGURA was established in
1893 by the inventor Gustav Magenwirth as a manufacturer of engines,
hydraulic pumps and water pumps. Since 1923 the company has been
producing handlebars and activation controls for motorcycles in the
small town of Bad Urach located in the south west of Germany. MAGURA
employs around 500 staff based in Germany, the USA and Asia.

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