Sneak Peek of new Bar Fly MTB Mount

by Brian Mullin on June 14, 2013

seems to be a proliferation of Garmin bike computer mounts on the
market currently from different vendors. Each of there designs are
subtlety different, and most seem to use Derlin plastic, while a few are
made from aluminum.
Tate Labs
the bike computer mount company, sent along a sneak peek of their new
prototype MTB mount, which looks like a backwards variant of their Bar
Fly 2.0, with its mount position being behind the stem faceplate to
protect the computer. In April this year, they released the new Bar Fly 2.0.

The made in the USA 2.0 mount, which is meant for the Garmin Edge bike
computers, has a lowered position to be more inline with the stem, and
has dual position slots for more flexibility, and retailed for $24.99. I
have been testing the 2.0, and I’m very impressed, and it’s easy to
install the one bolt clamp over the bars, and my Garmin Edge 800 sits in
an ideal location for viewing.

new MTB mount can also be used with any sort of cycling application,
including road, cyclocross, and others. It will accommodate the entire
Garmin Edge series, encompassing the 200, 500, 510, 800 and 810 GPS bike
computers. I like their use of the Derlin material so you don’t hurt
the handlebars and damage the wings on the Garmin computers. Keeping
your expensive bike computer in a less vulnerable position and protected
by the stem is an excellent design, and I am looking forward to trying
one out when they’re released.


  • Mount position is behind the stem faceplate to protect the computer.
  • Even the largest computer, the 800/810 is located behind the stem faceplate, out of the way in the event of a crash
  • Engagement mechanism as the same as their new Fly 2.0 mount, with a secure engagement and tactile click
  • Positioning
    gives riders using shorty stems, rise stems, and -17 stems a better
    viewing angle and the ability to adjust the computer face’s orientation
    or angle
  • Mount was made to address the issue of the stock Garmin
    mount moving around while riding or when the buttons were used to
    record data
  • Portioning gives alternative to the ‘out front’
    style mounts that may not allow for number plates to be mounted, or not
    provide the right position for MTB riders
  • Retail $24.95
  • Availability will be July 15
  • Use’s carbon safe Delrin material (Polyoxymethylene), which is also prevents damage to the Garmin Edge attachment wings
  • It
    includes their ‘Buy one and you are done warranty’. If it breaks, for
    ANY reason, they replace it, no questions asked, for life

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