First Look – Bookman Light

by Brian Mullin on July 21, 2013

The Swedish Stockholm based company Bookman came
out with a hipster friendly minimalist clip-on bike light during the
summer of 2011. They are ramping things up in the US now, and they sent
along some samples of the interesting little light for a test and
review. The Bookman Light is
a simple small unit which looks a bit like a Lego block, and uses a
single LED light powered by a CR2032 battery. They are sold as a pair
with one White LED and one Red LED, meant for the front and rear of the
bike respectively. They come in a multitude of colors and retail for

Update: they just announced a USB version of the light, which alleviates having to swap out batteries, and should be available at the end of August.

The light output is adequate for such a small device, but don’t expect a
big swatch of lumens coming from the LED, as these are for safety and
mild illumination in the dark. I haven’t used the lights very much,
since the long summer days make them sort of redundant, but I like that I
can have a simple emergency light for those other days when I get stuck
out on the trail in the dark. They’re brutally simple to install, just
place the curved surface on the handlebar or seatpost, flip the elastic
cord around the object and snag the cord onto the groove on the top of
the light. The rubberized button is easy to click into any of the three
modes: first click engages slow flash, second is fast flash, third is
steady, and fourth turn it off. The ABS body is tough and weather
resistant and has survived a few brief rain storms without any issues. A
few nitpick: Its unknown how long the batteries will last and in the
field battery change would be difficult due to the small screws, and it
would be nice if you could purchase just the front light for backup and
additional stacking for better light output. The front and back aren’t
marked as such, so the only way to know, which is which, is to turn them
on. I resolved that issue by marking the front one with a Sharpie.

Company fodder
The Bookman Light is a slim, high quality bicycle light set – easy to
mount and detach thanks to the elastic pull. It is surprisingly bright
despite its size and has an oversized button that makes them easy to
turn on and off, even with gloves. The front light attaches to the
handlebar and the rear light goes on the saddle pole. Bookman Light fits
all different sizes of handlebars and saddle poles.


  • Modes – Slow flashing, Fast flashing and Steady light Package content
  • 1 front light (white led)
  • 1 rear light (red led)
  • 2 x CR2032 (in each) batteries – To change the batteries, loosen the screws on the bottom.
  • Bookman Light is weather resistant.
  • Colors – red, blue, white, green, lemon, black, clay, jade
  • Visibility – Over 500 meters

USB Bookman Light
Bookman has now released their USB rechargeable bike light – a sweet little addition to your Summer biking kit.

=> This is a great addition to their lineup, since it solves the
battery replacement issue with a rechargeable one. In addition, they
have added a front and back marking on the bottom, so you can
immediately tell where the light belongs.

Company Fodder
The USB Light is compact, lightweight and surprisingly bright. It fits
all bicycles and is quick and easy to attach to the handlebar or saddle
pole with an elastic rubber band. Its large button on the upper side
makes the light easy to turn on and off, even with gloves. The new
light is even brighter than the previous model and fitted with a micro
USB port for recharging the battery. All mobile phone chargers with
micro USB connection can be used as potential chargers for the USB
Light. The indicator on the back of the light will start to flash when
the battery is low and even then the light is programmed to hold a
constant brightness so you can always trust the lights to be bright when
you need them. The USB Light is weather resistant and can be used all year round.

  • Water Resistant
  • Last up to five hours straight
  • 25 hours last on flashing mode
  • 2 hours to fully charge
  • Visibility – Over 500 meters
  • Modes – steady/flashing/off
  • Contents – front light (white led), rear light (red led), USB/micro USB cable

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