Bike2Power Announces the BikeConsole Power Plus Rechargeable Mount

by Brian Mullin on August 28, 2013

Grams Thoughts => What a great idea. I have had so many times that I reached for my phone and found it dead. And although I usually only use my phone for music purposes on a ride, sometimes I need it for emergencies or to touch base with my loved ones about my whereabouts. I am going to have to check out this system, since it not only solves the dead battery issue, but keeps your phone accessible and protected.

New BikeConsole Mount Provides the Power to go that Extra Mile
The BikeConsole Power Plus rechargeable weatherproof and shock-protected smartphone mounts keep cyclists powered and connected on the road and trail

CALABASAS, CALIF.–  – Bike2Power,
a team of die-hard cycling enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the
benefits of smartphone technology with bicycle riding, announces their
newest bike accessory, the BikeConsole Power Plus Rechargeable Mount
for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4/4S. The Power Plus Mount provides
a weatherproof and shock-protected all-in-one solution that recharges a
user’s smartphone while riding. As a heavy-duty cycling mount sealed
against rain, snow, dust, and dirt, this tough, engineered plastic case
also protects your smartphone from any bike falls while you ride.

cycling enthusiasts we believe that there is a need to keep your
smartphone powered and protected,” says Ilya Gorbonos, President of
Bike2Power. “Our rechargeable, bike-mounted Power Plus solution caters
to all riders, and allows them to prop their smartphone in a comfortable
position for easy access to their favorite apps such as Bike Hub and

BikeConsole Power Plus Mounts are designed to connect
a great riding experience with seamless smartphone use. Whether you’re a
cyclist dedicated to monitoring your ride or the road biking
adventurist, the BikeConsole Power Plus Mount will keep you connected at
all times.


  • More than cycling: Whether
    you’re on or off your bike, the BikeConsole Power Plus solution allows
    you to detach your phone from the mount while keeping your phone inside
    the weather resistant case. The battery can act as a backup when you
    remove your phone from the mounting and recharging system.
  • Full phone functionality:
    The BikeConsole Power Plus mount provides full accessibility to all
    smartphone functions including touchscreen, camera, wake/sleep and home
    functions. It also has a port for your headphones.
  • Secure and easy mounting: With
    a universal bracket the BikeConsole Power Plus will fit any bike, and
    can be used on additional things like strollers or scooters. Featuring
    an efficient and usable design, the mount will place your smartphone in
    the optimal position, and eliminates the need to store it in your
    jersey’s back pocket or bag.
  • 360° Swivel Design: Once
    you attach your smartphone to the mount, simply rotate it to the
    perfect horizontal or vertical position for optimal viewing of any
    cycling app, GPS instructions or music track selection.
  • A Backup Battery
    Charge your smartphone from zero to 100% and double your battery life.
    The BikeConsole Power Plus ensures that you always have juice whether
    you want to track your workout with your favorite app or need a phone
    because you have a flat tire and need to call for help.

The iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy S3 versions are available for $69.95, and the Galaxy S4 version is available for $79.95 at
For more information about the Power Plus Mounts and other Bike2Power products visit

About Bike2Power:
is a U.S. based company with a sole mission to connect the benefits of
smartphone technology with the pleasures of bicycle riding. Our team
composed of die-hard cycling enthusiasts and technology buffs, works
hard on providing products for modern, tech-savvy cyclists, delivering
the ultimate riding experience with your smartphone on your bike.

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