GoPro 2.0 App – New View and Share Features

by Brian Mullin on August 4, 2013

Control. View. Share.

took GoPro an extremely long time, but they finally updated their App
with the capabilities to view recorded footage, and download those files
to your smartphone or tablet, for both viewing and sharing via several
media formats, including email, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The foremost
one for myself is the in the field viewing feature, since previously,
the only alternative was to use their LCD BacPac to look at recordings.
In addition, you can now easily delete footage, which was a bit of a
hassle since it required going into the camera’s menu system.

You’ll need to update your media device with the new App and your
camera with the latest firmware to make everything work properly.

viewing, deleting and copying recorded footage, you navigate to the
Connect+Control screen and tap the media icon (four blocks), which
brings up the GoPro Media display. You can tap on any of the media files
to bring them up for viewing. The video mode has buttons for copying,
reverse, start/stop, forward, delete and a nice slider, while photos
have copy and delete.

can also tap the Edit button from the main GoPro Media screen, and
choose specific file or select all files for deletion or copying. Once
you choose the files for copying to your device, you can choose high or
low resolution (only low for videos), and the copying will begin to your
device’s memory.

the files are finished copying, you can navigate to your media device’s
menu system, and view and share the footage as desired. For some odd
reason, you don’t have any share capabilities if you go directly from
within the App to the media device’s albums? For photos, you can share
it with more social media entities, including email, messaging, Twitter,
Facebook, etc., while videos can be emailed, messaged or sent to
YouTube (some of the options are specific to the media device,
additional Apps and operating system).


Company Fodder

GoPro App makes it easy to control your camera, and lets you do more
with your GoPro content than ever before. Get full remote control of all
camera functions. See what your camera sees with live preview for easy
shot-framing. View photos and play back videos, then share your
favorites via email, text, Instagram, Facebook and more.

New Features

  • View photos and play back videos
  • Copy photos and videos to a GoPro album on your smartphone or tablet
  • Share photos and videos via email, text, Instagram, Facebook or other app
  • Browse and delete files on the camera’s memory card

Control your camera remotely
Use your smartphone or tablet as an ultra-convenient remote control for
your GoPro. Quickly adjust camera settings, start/stop recording,
switch modes, check your battery level and more. It’s great for
gear-mounted shooting where the camera is out of reach. Plus, live
preview lets you see what your GoPro sees so you can frame your shots
with confidence.

View photos, play back videos
Don’t wait until you’re back home to see your content. Use the GoPro
App to view photos and play back select videos captured with your
camera. Check out your last run—on the chairlift. See your best wave
once you’re back on the beach. Plus, you can browse and delete content
on your camera’s memory card, freeing up space for more great footage.

Share your GoPro content
Want to send that awesome shot you just captured to your buddies back
home? Now you can copy photos and select videos from your GoPro to your
smartphone or tablet, then share them via email, text, Instagram,
Facebook and more. It’s a great way to share the moment with friends
near and far.

Compatible GoPro Cameras
The GoPro App is compatible with HERO3 cameras and HD HERO2 cameras + Wi-Fi BacPac. You must update your product software and camera to use the GoPro App. Learn more and download the latest update.

Apple iOS

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 (iOS 6)
  • iPod Touch 4 (iOS 6)
  • iPad 1, 2, 3, & mini (iOS 6)


  • HTC Thunderbolt and similar Android 2.3 & 4.x devices
  • Motorola Droid X2 and similar 4.x devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G and similar 4.x devices
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet and similar 4.x devices
  • Google Nexus 7 and similar 4.x devices
  • HTC One X and similar 4.x devices

Windows Phone 8

  • Nokia Lumia 920, 920T and similar devices

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