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by Brian Mullin on August 16, 2013

At Interbike, I was really fascinated by the Küat Trio Rufee roof rack system ($209), which carries one bike (up to 45 lbs) on
its sleek NV like tray, and comes with three adapters for 9, 15, and
20mm forks, an integrated bike lock and a security attachment for the
roof bars. For 15mm and 20mm forks, you just swap out the
appropriate inner adapter, and then use your forks own axle clamp for
attachment. The 9mm set up uses their skewer, and it interlocks with the
default 15mm adapter to keep things from rotating out of position. The
15mm and 20mm adapters can be swapped out by loosening a bolt that
resides in the front of the tray.

Just got this from the Kuat Facebook page:

many of you are aware we recently released the much anticipated roof
rack, the “Rüfee,” on Friday, August 16th. We have been showing this
product for two years at industry shows and have not received any
negative feedback regarding its name. That said, over the weekend we
received a number of negative comments in reference to the rack’s name
generated on forums and emails sent directly to Küat. The intent was
not to offend; however, in retrospect we made a mistake with the name.
The best way to distance ourselves from the association some have made
is to change the product name entirely. The new name will be, the TRIO.

We sincerely apologize for those we may have offended.

FYI: What a total crock…Rüfee rules, TRIO sucks!

large lever arm on their skewer for the 9mm setup takes some queues
from the NV series, and it works really nicely to clamp a fork down.
They also have an optional 9mm x 135mm Fat Bike skewer if required.

Rufee kit is pretty simple; it just contains the tray, front and rear
bar attachments, wrenches, 20mm adapter, a key for the lock and a rear
ratchet strap. The bar attachments are supposed to fit round, square,
oval and aero roof cross bars, as long as they are less than 1.7″ thick
and 3.5″ wide. I was attaching the Rufee to a set of Whisbar aero bars,
on a Mazda CX-9. The front bar install was pretty simple, and you just
push the U-bolts from below and into the tray’s holes, and thread on the
security nuts using the provided large U-bolt wrench. The rear was a
bit trickier, since there wasn’t much room under the bars to work. You
slide two strap bolts into a T slot under the Rufee’s tray, position
them on either side of the bar, place the cross bar strap underneath,
and thread on the strap T-knobs; the latter was the toughest portion due
to the lack of room. I suggest leaving a towel on the roof where your
working to protect the vehicle. The last step was to insert the cradle
strap into the opposite side of the ratchet you’ll use for tightening.  

didn’t need to swap out any adapters since I was going with the default
15mm system, so I just tossed the rear tire of the bike on the tray,
and aligned the fork with the skewer hole, and inserted and tightened
down the forks normal axle, lastly followed by tightening the rear strap
through the ratchet closure system.

It was pretty easy
tossing the bike onto the roof, though it was tough to align the holes
while balancing the bike and holding onto the fork’s axle. I might just
need some practice? Once the bike was clamped down, it was stable and secure, with just a slight wiggle in the rear. I’ll play with locking the bike up another day. The Rufee is a nice roof rack system to carry a bike, letting you use any available front axle sizing, and its well-made and overbuilt, and offers excellent stability for carrying your bike.

A big thanks to Küat and Todd Walton for sending along a sample for
a test and review.

is a fork mount roof rack that all cyclists can agree on. Featuring the
3 Way™ fork mount system, the Ruffee can handle any bike you own. Top
that off with a slim line design, security system, and rugged good looks
and you have the most complete fork mount rack ever designed.

  • Holds 1 bike up to 45 lbs.
  • 3-in-one: 9mm, 15mm and 20mm adapter all in one rack.
  • Integrated cable lock for frame and rear wheel.
  • Security bar mounts.
  • Slim design is aerodynamic.
  • Mounts to Thule, Yakima and most factory crossbars.
  • Price: $209.00

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Scott Taylor December 11, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Hey Gram,
Since the fork attachment location is behind the cross bar does the wagon hatch make contact with the rear tire?


Scott Taylor December 11, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Hey Gram,
Since the fork attachment location is behind the cross bar does the wagon hatch make contact with the rear tire?


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet December 12, 2013 at 12:45 am


I didn't have an issue with that on my Mazda CX9, more than enough clearance. The roof rack I have on there does sit back more than a lot of other cars. I would think that kuat had gone through most systems and made sure that there wouldn't be any problem with most major brands and vehicles.



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