Just In – 66Sick Espacio Libre Saddle

by Brian Mullin on September 24, 2013

is a German bicycle component company that makes ergonomic All-Mountain
specific grips and saddles. The company is the brain child of Sasha Meyenborg,
whose racing pedigree includes BMX German Championship titles and the
1996 overall BMX World Cup, along with racing in dual slalom, Dual
Eliminator and 4cross. They utilize technology from SQlab but apply their own wildness and flavor to their own product lineup of saddles, grips and accessories. The result is the aggressive oriented Espacio Libre, and the lighter race oriented El Flaco saddles. Radsport USA,
the North American home of the premium German brands of Syntace,
Liteville, SQlab and Haberland, recently added 66Sick to their lineup. Measured weight: 276g.

66Sick Espacio Libre saddle comes in 129mm and 144mm widths (seat bone
width specific), with good support surface contact for maximum pedaling
performance and riding position, and it’s thickly padded for aggressive
and rough usage on the trail. 66Sick uses SQLabs Level Plus stepped
padding design, which pushes the riders weight to the sit bones rather
than sensitive soft tissue. The saddles feature a Carbon fiber reinforced shell, and Kevlar edges, a central ergonomic trough, a long padded nose and chromoly rails.

Lucha libre (“free wrestling”) is Mexican wrestling which is characterized by colorful masks, rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers, as well as “high-flying” maneuvers, some of which have been adopted in the United States. 

love the graphics of the saddle, and it definitely sets it apart from
most anything on the market. I found the seat comfortable and easy to
move around on, and the nose had lots of padding for those climbs and
maneuvers on steeper terrain. I got the widest 144mm version, since my
SQLab size comes in at 14, which is pretty close to a match. It felt
nice when my sit bones got up on the rear of the saddle, and it was well
padded, offering comfort while pedaling or bashing down through rough
terrain. My handlebars hit a tree today, and I did a massive ejector
move through the air. The bike and I tumbled quite a distance, and the
rear of the saddle got smashed pretty hard, and there wasn’t any damage
outside of some dirt. The well-padded 66Sick Espacio Libre is
comfortable and tough, and all the SQLab technologies really make this a
winner in the All-Mountain saddle category.

The ENDURO / ALL MOUNTAIN / FREERIDE bike saddle Espacio Libre is ergonomically designed and offers some unique features.

  • Ergonomic XXL stage for maximum discharge in the genital area (no more numbness)
  • 2 different seat widths 129mm and 144mm
  • Kevlar edges protect
  • rear part softer, reduces impact during a fall
  • Carbon fiber reinforced shell
  • Robust Chromolystreben
  • Microfibre
  • Weight: 270gr.
  • Colors: orange, green, black / gray

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