Schwinn Biking Game

by Brian Mullin on September 5, 2013

This looks like a fun game to play with the kids, and it will provide enough entertainment for kids and adults. I’ll be interested to answer the questions during the game, and see how tough they are?

Education Outdoors Introduces The Schwinn Biking Game
Answer bicycling trivia questions correctly to move your bike around the board

you’re young there is no greater freedom than hopping on your bike and
going for a cruise around your neighborhood. Education Outdoors has
captured the exhilaration of peddling away on a speeding bike in its new
board game, The Schwinn Biking Game, where players race around the
board striving to be the first cyclist back to their parking spot and
the winner of the game.

Created to entertain players of all ages,
The Schwinn Biking Game, begins with the roll of the die after each
player has chosen his bike. Players advance their pieces the number of
spaces on the board correlating to the die. Depending on what space a
player lands on, several outcomes can occur. If a player’s roll lands on
a red trail circle, his turn ends for that round. If his bike lands on a
Schwinn Bike Shop square, the player immediately moves his piece to the
bike shop and reads a Fun Fact card aloud, ending his turn. If his bike
comes to a stop on a yellow trail circle, he must answer one of the
Biking Game questions.

Each Biking Game question card features
four questions at different levels of difficulty. Young players will
answer the easiest Level 1 question, while adults and bicycling experts
can answer Level 4 questions making the game challenging for everyone
playing. Questions range from identifying parts of a bike, to bicycling
history and true/false statements. If a player answers his Biking Game
question correctly he earns another roll of the die. If an incorrect
answer is given, the player’s turn ends. There are also Biking Game
question cards that ask a player to share a story about a bicycling

Players have the opportunity to take a shortcut on the
biking trail as they near the end of the game, but the path can only be
entered if the player is holding a card with a picture of Schwinn
Off-Road tires on it when he lands on the entrance to the path. Players
can earn an Off-Road tire card by correctly answering a question from a
Biking Game card emblazoned with the Off-Road tire image. But, only one
player can possess an Off-Road tire card at a time, so the first player
to reach the shortcut through the woods with the card in his hand is the
only player who can shorten his trip back to his parking spot that
round. The first player to reach his parking spot is the winner of the
The Schwinn Biking Game is suitable for players ages 4 and
up. It can be played with 2-8 players and retails for $24.99. For more
information visit

About Education Outdoors
avid outdoorsman, Tim Paczesny grew up at his family’s log cabin resort
in Northern Michigan. As an adult with children of his own, Tim wanted
to create a way to share his knowledge of the outdoors with his children
and his “city” friends. He came up with the idea of creating games that
would be able to teach families about the outdoors through trivia
questions and fun facts. For more information, please visit

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