URBAN STRAP – Multi-Adaptable Utilitarian Strap

by Brian Mullin on October 14, 2013

URBAN STRAP™ lets you focus the weight on your strengths; not your weaknesses

URBAN STRAP™ is a multi-adaptable utilitarian strap that offers
practical relief to some very redundant situations. It lets you focus
the weight on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

walking home from the grocery store and having two free hands, or
walking your bike up that four story complex and still being able to
carry a bag and talk on the phone; or maybe you are a busy parent and
two trips to and from the car is just not feasible. URBAN STRAP™ is for
everybody, including parents, students, athletes, senior citizens,
physical therapists, musicians and more.

URBAN STRAP™ launched on Kickstarter
last week and we could really use your help in getting the word out
there. The campaign will last until November 02, 2013 and we cannot wait
to see how the world will react to URBAN STRAP™. People have already
embraced it on a local level and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UrbanStrap) and we think you will too.

Thoughts => Although I can see the Urban applications for carrying
things, I would be highly interested in seeing how it helps during long
hike-a-bike forays. I tend to do lots of miles doing this activity, and
it would be nice to have a more efficient and less taxing way to carry a
bike.  Not sure how it works in reality, but the strain relief makes
this look like a perfect utility for many daily activities. It sure
would have been nice to have one when I was carrying my kids around.
Please pledge to Tom Leach very worthy Kickstarter project.

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