Drift Innovation Introduces the Ghost-S

by Brian Mullin on November 20, 2013

Innovations has announced the November 26th release of their new
Ghost-S POV camera. The Ghost-S follows in footsteps of its predecessor,
the HD Ghost, and adds a slew of new upgrades and features, including a
better processor, sensor, battery, lens and better low-light

I reviewed the Drift HD Ghost in February 2013 (refer to Drift Innovations HD Ghost Camera Review), and I thought very highly of it: “The
camera took great footage with good clarity and realist colors. The
excellent form and usage factor from the superb large remote with its
useful indicator lights, LCD screen, menu system, stable mounts, loud
mode beeps and rotatable lens all worked in synergistic harmony. Top it
all off with the unique Tag/Loop feature, a long-lived battery life,
built-in Wi-Fi and mobile interface, creates a great camera package.”

new Ghost-S gets a 3.5-hour battery, which really sets it at the
forefront of the POV world, allowing you to record for longer periods of
time without worrying about a dead battery. The processor has been
upgraded and is twice as fast as the HD Ghost, and it now
records in higher resolutions of 1080p 60fps and 720 120fps, both of which allow you to create slow-motion videos. They’re now using a Sony
12MP CMOS sensor and an updated 7–element aspherical lens, which rotates
300º, both of which should greatly improve the clarity and richness of the recorded

The new Scene Mode feature allows you to choose between
normal, vivid and low light settings, and the low-light option
dynamically adjusts for those conditions to give the best possible
results. Drift has always had the best low-light performance on the market, and
this new feature should provide an improvement in the final results. The Clone Mode lets you operate up to five cameras at once
(four cameras and one master), which would be nice for setting up
complex shots. Last but not least, you can adjust the Bit Rate to allow
you to control the video compression from low to high.

Stacking it against the new market leader GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition:

  • 3.5-hour battery vs GoPro 2.5-hour (HERO3+ did improve the previous HERO3’s poor battery life)
  • Sony CMOS sensor – using a respected company’s sensor should improve results
  • Both have 12MP element sensors – improved from previous years 11MP 
  • Lens rotates – allows the camera to be placed in more usable locations; GoPro form factor causes placement issues, though using its multiple arms helps
  • Compact and lower profile size (oblong shape) – not a toaster oven on your head
  • Remote – easier to use and longer battery life; GoPro’s does allow menu changes from remote, but I rarely use that feature (I love the Drift remote)
  • 2″ Color LCD screen – on camera viewing of recorded footage, viewpoint and menu, no need for smartphone or GoPro LCD touch screen BacPac; GoPro has a simple (though robust) character and icon based menu
  • Both have built-in Wi-Fi
  • Both have useful and robust smartphone Apps (slight edge to the Drift App)
  • GoPro has chest mount – Drift form factor won’t allow chest, although they do offer an optional shoulder mount (edge to GoPro for their mounts)
  • GoPro has 4Kp, 2.7Kp and 1440p resolutions – more pro-level usefulness than consumer, rarely use them, though shooting in 4K allows more post production editing leeway (edge to GoPro)
  • GoPro has SuperView mode – immersive wide-angle perspective (I love this enlarged viewpoint – nice feature from GoPro)
  • GoPro waterproof housing goes to  131′ vs Ghost’s 9′ – I don’t go diving, so not an issue
  • Best quality video? – need to test the Ghost-S in real usage; currently, GoPro stands at the forefront, towering over everyone

So is it worth the upgrade over the Drift HD Ghost?

think so, since you get the new Sony 12MP CMOS sensor, improved
low-light performance, a faster processor with 1080p/60fps and
720/120fps resolutions, better battery life and an updated lens. It
retains all the excellent features of the HD Ghost, with its easy to use
remote, the LCD screen, a great compact and low profile form
factor, a rotating lens, built-in WiFi for connection to smartphone via
Apps. The new additions to the Ghost-S should greatly improve video
clarity and quality and sharpness, producing a better high-performance POV
video camera. However, $400 is a good chunk of change to fork over for a new


HD Ghost-S is a POV (point of view) high-definition sports camera,
which uses an 12MP Sony CMOS sensor that can record video footage in
1080p, 960p, 720p and SD formats, and photos in several modes, including
still, timelapse and photoburst. It uses a seven element lens design,
with a 170º viewing angle and a 10x digital zoom. It records data onto a
microSD card up to 32GB in size, and is powered with an internal
rechargeable Li-Ion battery (swappable) that gives around three and a
half hours of recording time. The camera has a built-in Wi-Fi to
wirelessly converse with iOS and Android based mobile devices, and using
the Drift App you can align the camera viewpoint, change settings, and
view and delete and download recorded footage. It has ports for a mini
USB for computer connection and recharging, a mini HDMI for live
streaming to a TV or other source, and an external microphone for
higher-quality audio recording. The oblong camera is comprised of
plastic and fiberglass materials, and has a 2-inch LCD viewing screen
which utilizes tough Gorilla Glass for protection, and has four
rubberized operational buttons, a fully rotatable lens, and is impact
and shock resistance, and waterproof to 3 meters (9 ft). It can be
operated by its buttons, the two-way RF remote or the mobile App. The
camera attaches to an assortment of mounts, including a goggle, flat and
curved surface, and optional handlebar, using their proprietary
universal clip system, which attaches to the camera via a quarter inch
universal camera adapter. The letterbox shaped camera measures 4.1″ x 2″
x 1.3″, weighs 6 ounces (171g) and the kit retails for $399.

New Features:

  • 1080p at 60fps – Increased video performance to capture every detail
  • 3.5-hour battery – Best in class battery life, record more and worry less
  • Scene Mode – choose between Normal, Vivid and Lo-Light modes
  • Slow Shutter Mode – Dramatically improves low light performance
  • Clone Mode – Sync and Control four cameras from one master camera
  • Bit Rate – Adjust the video compression from low to high for best possible resolution
  • Sony 12MP CMOS Sensor
  • Upgraded processor – twice as fast as the Ghost-HD
  • Updated 300º rotatable 7–element aspherical lens



Drift Continues Innovation With Intuitive Design & Interface, Longest Battery Life On Market In Multi-Purpose Video Camera

November 20, 2013 – Los Angeles – Drift Innovation
(driftinnovation.com), a sports and lifestyle company specializing in
creating camera technology and accessories that enable anyone to live
life outside the box, is releasing their latest and most powerful action
sports camera, the Ghost-S.
Available worldwide on November 26, the wearable feature-packed camera
boasts the longest battery life on the market along with numerous
industry-leading features, all while remaining the easiest to use.

Drift Ghost-S comes out of the box with a 3.5 hour battery life,
built-in two-inch LCD screen, waterproofing up to 9 feet (and up to 196
feet with additional case), ability to shoot 1080p@60fps, a 300-degree
rotating lens, WiFi video streaming while recording, two-way remote
control, multiple mounts and more. Many of these features are sold as
add-ons by most brands; the Ghost-S comes loaded with these

“Powerful shouldn’t mean complicated. Drift
continues our commitment to making POV cameras that are both easy-to-use
and technologically advanced. In the tradition of all Drift cameras the
Ghost-S provides a host of features that professionals demand, but
anyone can use. With the new Ghost-S anyone can get out there and live
life outside the box,” said Robin Parker, co-founder, Drift Innovation.

is also pleased to welcome legendary freestyle motocross legend and
Metal Mulisha member Jimmy Fitzpatrick to the Drift Innovation US FMX
Team. Jimmy and his Temecula, CA based crew will generate monthly
content from his world-renowned Fitzland motocross training facility.

stoked to be part of the Drift family,” offered Fitzpatrick, “There are
lots of cameras to choose from, but to me, the Ghost-S is by far the
best. When I’m training at Fitzland, I need my equipment to just work.
The Ghost-S is ideal – it provides powerful features, but it’s just so
easy to use.”

“The streamlined design is perfect for motocross,”
continued Fitzpatrick, “and the built-in LCD screen and rotatable lens
are incredibly practical. I never have to worry about whether I got the
shot – I can tell right away how the video looks… and it always looks
smooth and amazing.”

Increased 3.5h Battery Life & Improved Video Quality
Built and expanded on the foundation of the award-winning Drift HD Ghost,
the Ghost-S boasts such stunning features as an industry-best 3.5-hour
battery (@30fps) plus the ability to film spectacular quality video in
1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps.

Get the Shot and See It
built-in two-inch LCD screen (made scratch resistant by Corning®
Gorilla® Glass) lets users see what they’re filming or use it for
instant playback. The Ghost-S also features a 300-degree rotating lens,
allowing the ability to mount the camera at any angle to capture the
perfect shot. The simple interface enables users to easily set preferred
shooting mode: video, photo, photoburst or timelapse.

Improved Low Light Settings
The Ghost-S now offers Scene Mode and the ability to choose from
normal, vivid or low light settings. Scene Mode simplifies set-up
relevant to the lighting conditions. In the low light setting, the
Ghost-S adjusts automatically to provide the best image quality

Two Way Remote Control
Like its predecessor,
the Ghost-S comes with Drift’s Two-Way Remote, placing intuitive control
at the user’s fingertips by clearly communicating the camera’s function
status with Drift’s color system. The remote can also control multiple
Drift cameras at once.

Technologically Advanced
for professionals and casual users alike, the Ghost-S is the most robust
Drift camera to date with a leading-edge processor, Sony CMOS sensor
and 7-element aspherical lens technology, making the Ghost-S capable of
1080p at 60fps and 12mp stills. Whether strapped to a helmet while
snowboarding or shooting a documentary, the result is extraordinarily
smooth, rich video in any condition. More additions to the Ghost-S
include “Clone Mode,” where multiple Drift cameras can record
simultaneously, and “Car DVR mode” for in-car and on-bike video
Combined with the free iOS and Android Drift app,
Ghost-S users have ultimate control and customization. The Ghost-S
retails for $399 USD and will be available at retail locations worldwide
on November 26 and for pre-order now at driftinnovation.com

About Drift Innovation
Dedicated to creating technology for people who share our passion for
sports, art, music, film and an active lifestyle, Drift Innovation lets
creative individuals capture and share their unique journey and live
life outside the box. Drift manufactures quality HD action cameras,
mounts and accessories, leveraging the latest technologies and R&D.
By packaging professional-caliber features in an intuitive, easy-to-use
design, Drift allows anyone to immediately begin filming “out of the
Drift sponsored professional athletes in moto, auto,
outdoor, snow, aquatic and airborne sports are an integral part of the
R&D process, testing the performance and durability of Drift
products in the field.
Widely recognized as one of the top action
camera brands globally, Drift distributes its products in more than 35
regions. For more information, visit http://driftinnovation.com
Find Drift Innovation Online

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