Just In – Scosche boomBOTTLE Bluetooth Speaker

by Brian Mullin on November 23, 2013

Rugged Wireless Mobile Speaker – $139.99

remarkable audio with the boomBOTTLE – Rugged Wireless Mobile Speaker
that fits right inside your bicycle water bottle cage. boomBOTTLE has
been designed to bring entertainment to the outdoors. This wireless
bluetooth mobile speaker is weatherproof and durable, allowing you to
take your music virtually anywhere.

Gram’s thoughts =>
I haven’t used the boomBottle much on my bike, though I have carried it
along and enjoyed it on food and rest break. I use it frequently down
in my basement shop for music, and it works really well in that
environment. I have taken it on hikes with my kids, and for a couple of
long trails days, where we just placed the boomBottle wherever we
happened to be working. It’s a rugged unit, and although not waterproof,
it can take getting rained and dusted on from outdoor usage without any
ill effects. The boomBottle is easy to turn on with its large
rubberized button, and it announces that’s its starting up with its
synthetic female voice interface.  Pairing the unit to a smartphone or
other Bluetooth device was simple process, and after that it would
always sync back up. It has two-volume control buttons, an auxiliary non
Bluetooth connection and a micro-USB connection for recharging the
battery.  The audio reproduction was on par for a small Bluetooth
device, with a great bass, good mid range and highs, with a slight roll
off on top. I am pretty happy with the boomBottle, mostly for home use
and hikes, though I need to try it a bit more on bike rides.

Remarkable Sound
Dual 40mm drivers and passive subwoofer produce impressive audio and
improved acoustics. The Omni-directional speaker cone sends music in all

Integrated Music Controls
Easily control play, pause, track forward/backward, adjust volume and more with the integrated controls.

Built-in Power
A rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides up to 10 hours of
continuous music playback. Use the included micro USB cable to easily
charge boomBOTTLE before you leave the house.  The charging port and aux
input are carefully covered with a flap that closes/opens to protect
against dust and debris.

dynamic speaker also includes a built-in microphone, making boomBOTTLE
an enhanced speakerphone for your smartphone. Enjoy rich, clear audio
and the option of phone conversations when needed.

Use it Anywhere
boomBOTTLE fits in most water bottle cages and cupholders and
wirelessly streams audio to your device. Additionally, the 3.5mm
auxiliary input has also been included for connecting other devices when
wireless capabilities are not needed.

Wirelessly Works with:
All Bluetooth streaming A2DP audio devices including: iPhone, iPod
touch, iPad, Android Devices, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and more.

Also works with devices using 3.5mm aux cable

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