Just In – Vee Rubber Trail Taker 29×2.2 Tire

by Brian Mullin on November 24, 2013

The Vee Rubber Trail Taker 29er 2.2″
tire is sticky, pliable and fast, and the tread design offers good
control, and decent traction and braking. The Trail Taker 29 x 2.2 are
much more subdued in width and tread height and are more
cross-country oriented than the All Mountain Trail Taker 650B 2.4’s
that I reviewed earlier in the year. They come in with a 2.16″ carcass
width, and averaged 644 grams in weight (665g and 623g for the test
pair). The tread design is basically the same between the different
sizes, though the 29×2.2 model seem to have a lower tread height, and the
side knobs don’t stick out over the carcass. The Vee Rubber Trail Taker
comes in four versions, including three 650B x 2.4″ (folding dual
compound, folding and wired Tackee/2-ply) and a 29 x 2.2″ (folding dual
compound). The 29×2.2 retails for $35, uses a dual compound, a folding
bead, a 120 TPI casing and is sealant compatible. Their dual compound
composition uses a center section with a normal rubber compound, while
the side tread has a softer and stickier compound. Their sealant
compatible design is a special construction to allow the use of after
market sealants, so that it be considered a tubeless ready tire.

First Impressions
tires rolled exceptional fast for a moderately sized tire, and any time
you applied power they accelerated with ease. They have a very round
profile, and were easy to toss in any direction, giving nice control,
with quick and precise steering. They provided decent braking and
traction unless things got a bit loose, and in deep gravel and other
sloppy conditions, the lack of tread height was very evident with a
slight drop in usefulness. The braking wasn’t as glaring as the
traction, especially when climbing up my local gravelly trails, and you
had weight the tires and bike with more precision than is usually
required with a meatier tire. When plowing downhill, the traction and
braking were adequate, and I was quite happy with the way they reacted.
They were easy to set up tubeless, and haven’t leaked or burped on my
rides as yet. I haven’t used them enough to test out tread wear,
sidewall toughness or durability in general.

I am looking forward
to more quality time using these tires on my Ibis Ripley. I like there
sticky, pliable and fast characteristics, and precise steering control.
They offer good downhill performance, but the low tread height hampers
their braking and traction, especially the latter while climbing up
loose terrain.

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Anonymous December 15, 2013 at 8:51 pm

A question with regards to the Double Compound. Should it be 60/50a?


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet April 17, 2014 at 8:08 am

Not exactly sure about the compound, that was the info I was able to gather. I'll try to contact Vee Rubber sometime and see what the true answer is.


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