Review: K-Edge Stem Mounts for Garmin Computers

by Brian Mullin on December 24, 2013

latest K-Edge Garmin computer mounts attach onto the bike’s steerer,
and they come in two versions; a fixed and an adjustable model. This
design with computer up over the top of the stem protects it from
getting damaged and abused, while still providing a good viewpoint.
K-Edge produced some of the first third party mounts for Garmin
computers, and their CNC machined aluminum mounts are tough, stable and
secure. They have refined their mounts, and the original aluminum
connection interface,
have been replaced with a user-friendly plastic interface.

new CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum mounts are meant for the Garmin  Edge
800/810, 500/510, and 200 GPS bike computers, and attach to a  1-1/8″ diameter
steerer, and come in Black, Red and Gun Metal anodized colors. The fixed
version weighs 21 grams, costs $29.99, and is meant for zero to
negative stem angles. The adjustable model weighs 25 grams, costs
$39.99, and can tilt to match up with stems with a +/- 20 degree angles.



pretty simple to install their stem mounts up on the 1 1/8″ steerer,
since it just acts as a 5mm spacer on the top of the stem, and is
secured by the headset cap. This obviously necessitates that the steerer
stack will allow you to swap out a 5mm spacer up on top, but for most
bike set ups this shouldn’t be an issue. I initially ran the fixed flat
version of the mount on my negative degree stem on my Ibis Ripley, and
it worked just fine, and offered a great viewpoint using both my Edge
800 and 500. It gave a solid and bombproof platform, and definitely
prevented any damage when I had an over the bar crash. I swapped in the
adjustable version, and really I liked having the ability to tweak the
angle of the Edge slightly forward over the stem. Being able to alter
the tilt is pretty handy, and was useful during the changing daylight on
rides to give the best glare free viewing. When the adjusting bolt was
tightened down, it offered the same stable platform, though if you
punched the computer really hard you could get it to move.

bike computer clips in like it does on Garmin’s normal mount, just
insert it 90 degrees off axis and give a good strong twist to put it
into position (it’s a snug fit). The new plastic interface worked great,
and I never had any wear issues with the plastic wings on the
computer’s back. Once installed, the computer is very secure and stable,
and I never noticed any extraneous vibrations while riding. When you
need to touch the computer’s screen, there isn’t any give, no matter how
hard you push on it, again reinforcing the incredible stability of the
mount’s platform. I liked the setup of this design, with the computer
protected over the top of the stem, though I must admit, I still like
the out in-front of the bar’s viewpoint of their original model.

Bottom Line

new K-Edge stem mounts are durable and tough and well-made, and the
design offers excellent protection for your valuable Garmin Edge GPS
bike computers. The $29.99 fixed version is for flat to negative degree
stems, while the $39.99 adjustable works for anything from positive to negative 20 degrees,
and they both offer rock solid stability and vibration-free viewing.
They mount on the steerer and replace a standard 5mm spacer, which means
they require a stack with at least that much in reserve. I preferred
the adjustable version myself, since it gives the ability to tweak the
angle, for both personal desires and stem specifications.

  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Stem design helps protect computer
  • Well-made and durable

  • Swap out from bike-to-bike is tougher due to steerer mount design
  • Stem location doesn’t offer the more ergonomic forward location viewing
  • Steerer mount requires a stack that allows a 5mm spacer

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