Mojo HD Retrofit Swingarm for 650b/27.5″ wheel conversion

by Brian Mullin on December 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of  Ibis

Hans Heim of Ibis released this excellent tidbit today:

As a service for HD owners, we are making a batch of swingarms with more
clearance for 650B and 11 speed. They will be made to order with the
original HD paint and graphics. We are only going to make one run of
these. They are 142 x 12 axle compatible.

Grams thoughts => How cool is this! You can finally retrofit your current HD and make it a pseudo HDR, getting the benefits of the increased tire clearance required for bigger 650B/27.5″ tires. I wore out the rear triangle of my old HD so badly from using monster fat 27.5″ tires, that I replaced it with an HDR. At $599 for this retrofit, it’s a much better deal, so hurry up and order your new upgrade before time runs out.
From the Ibis website:

If you own a Mojo HD and want to run 650b wheels with robust mud
clearance, this new swingarm is what you need. Additionally, we’ve
modified the dropouts to be fully compatible with 11 speed cassettes.

are taking custom orders for this retrofit swingarm, and delivery will
be 60-90 days from order. Your card will not be charged until it’s
shipped (unless you pay with PayPal, in which case it will be
immediately charged). We will be painting these to match the original
Mojo HD, so your bike will look fresh and new (well, at least the
swingarm will).

With 650b wheels, this swingarm works in the
shorter travel mode using the 140mm limbo chips. If you have an HD 140,
no problem, this will bolt right on with the limbo chips and shock you
already have.

If you’re running a 160mm HD, then you will need a
7.875″ x 2″ shock along with some 140 limbo chips. You can order the
limbo chips from us, in the related products below. We are not currently
selling any shocks to match.

This swingarm will give you
identical geometry to the Mojo HD 140. So if you’re switching from 26″
to 650b wheels, your bb height will grow approximately .5″, depending on
your tires.

Finally, this swingarm has 142 x 12 Maxle rear axle
spacing. So if you are converting from an HD with a 135 x 12 Maxle,
you’ll need to modify your rear hub to fit. If you have a set of 142
Maxle wheels for your HD (140 or 160) and have one of the older 135
Maxle HD swingarms, this will also work as an upgrade.

International Customers: The shipping cost on the swingarm is $50.

Colors: Black, Matte Black and White

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Alan December 11, 2013 at 10:52 pm

I'd like a retrofit swingarm for my Ibis SL-R thanks… that'd be SO SWEET!


Brian Mullin - Gram and Pastajet December 12, 2013 at 12:48 am


Yes it would! Loving my HDR, though I tend to ride my Ripley more often.



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