Gravity Anomaly LongHaul Shorts Review

by Brian Mullin on February 21, 2014

$89 Gravity Anomaly LongHaul short was designed with epic all day big
mountain riding in mind. Incorporating soft and pliable materials for
the ride up, while still offering a little extra durability and coverage
for rapid descents.

Gravity Anomaly
is a mountain biking apparel company based out of Denver Colorado that
produces sewn in American items. The company was founded in 2012 by
Brendan Miller, and they have been slowly releasing new products to the
marketplace, including shorts, T-shirts and jerseys. Everything is
interesting looking and technical, with great design ideas and
materials, which provides good comfort and durability, and there made in
the USA products come with an excellent lifetime guarantee. The
LongHaul is their All Mountain and gravity oriented short, and has a
long cut and baggy fit, and utilizes tough materials and overbuilt
stitching, and has great features such as a full mesh inner liner, six
pockets and a very functional waist adjustment system.

LongHaul Shorts

shorts are made with a tough 4-ply military grade nylon fabric with
multi-panel construction, using robust double needle stitching
through-out and machine bar tacks at all stress points for the utmost in
durability. For saddle maneuverability and comfort, they utilize a
seamless gusseted crotch design. Internally, it has a softly padded
waist band, and a 100% Polyester vented micro-mesh liner, though it
doesn’t include a chamois. The shorts have a zipper fly with a two-snap
closure and a waistband with D-ring adjustable Velcro straps located
along the sides. They have two-front cargo pockets, two thigh pockets
with snap closures and two rear pockets with Velcro tabs.  They come in
olive (tested) and charcoal colors, four sizes (s, m, l & xl) and
retail for $85.


shorts have a 24.5″ outseam, which makes them hit just below the knee,
providing enough room to accommodate knee pads and armor of any size.
They work great when wearing armor and the extra length and hem easily
slides over them. Unfortunately, I found that long pedal sessions when
not wearing armor were slightly annoying and disconcerting, as they would subtlety catch
on your knee and the lack of a satin hem lining exacerbated the issue. I
personally liked the long cut, baggy fit and wide knee opening, as I
found it made them comfortable and easy to wear, and they were fine as a
mountain biking short and a stylish piece of apparel, though I must
admit the butt patch was a bit odd.

The long cut and heavy
materials work really well in off season riding, and I found them great
in Spring and Fall weather, and excellent in the Winter. The lack of
adequate ventilation and the use of the heavy and thick fabric made them
a bit warm in the brunt of summer, especially for long days in the
saddle. The full mesh inner liner did help dissipates moisture, and made
the short more comfortable. The shorts don’t come with a padded
chamois, so I ended up always using a third party vendor’s chamois for
additional comfort.

shorts have a plethora of pockets, and they were all quite large,
making it really nice and easy to toss things into any of them, though I
would have liked a least one zippered one for additional security for
valuable items. The softly padded waist system was comfortable, and it
was simple and easy to adjust the width using the D-ring Velcro strap
closures. I could easily make small and large alterations in the waist
length, and they stayed securely in positions, making for a great
functional system.

Their use of heavy materials and stitching made
for a bombproof and almost overbuilt pair of shorts, and except for a
couple of pilling spots on the butt patch, which is a high wear zone,
they haven’t shown any real signs of abuse. It was nice to be able to
sit down on the ground and not worry about tearing your shorts or having
a rock or stick cause any sort of damage.

Bottom Line

found the shorts comfortable for wearing and riding, though for long
pedal sessions, they work better with armor, preferably a soft version. I
really liked the long and baggy cut and wide leg openings, all of which
provided a pleasant fit. The design, material selection, stitching and
bar tacking make for a very durable pair of shorts, and over a long
period of use, they haven’t shown any significant signs of wear. Due to
the heavier materials and lack of adequate ventilation, they can get
toasty in hot weather, and the shorts seem best suited for shuttle runs
and non-summer usage, though I did use them in the brunt of the heat
without ill effects. They have some great features, including a very
functional adjustable waist band system, six pockets, and a full mesh

The Gravity Anomaly LongHaul shorts are comfortable,
durable and have a baggy and long cut, which works well when wearing
armor. The American produced short (using imported fabrics) is well-made
and highly crafted, and uses good designs and materials and stitching,
and the excellent waist adjustment system is a highlight in this fully
featured piece of apparel.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Well made
  • Excellent and easy to use waist adjustment system
  • Great cool weather short – fall/winter/spring
  • Excellent with knee armor
  • Heavy
  • Needs a zippered cargo or security pocket
  • Warm in hot weather
  • Long length and wide leg opening makes extensive pedaling sessions annoying if not wearing armor
  • No included chamois

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