Ibis Introduces New Ripley Goodies

by Brian Mullin on February 8, 2014

has been adding some new little toys for the Ripley, including a
tricked out eccentric and a cable management block. Although the new
GnarCore eccentric weighs a tad more (8 grams), it is supposed to
increase the lateral stiffness by 10%, which is always a good thing.
Costing a reasonable $34.95, the GnarCore will be a great replacement
for any Ripley released before January 8th of this year. The new Ripley Cable Dice cable management block ($8.95) looks like a
great way to tie all the cables together by the rear shock, since the
zip tie method seems like a stop gap measure that tends to move around
over time, requiring occasional maintenance. And last be not least is
the front derailleur cover, and although it isn’t a new item, it
certainly cleans up the lines of the Ripley, and covers up the blank
spot on the mount.

The GnarCore eccentric is an optional replacement for the lower eccentric core on the Ibis Ripley 29.
we designed the Ripley we made the eccentric core parts as lightweight
as possible while still passing all our machine and ride tests. With the
GnarCore, we have added back a small amount (8 grams) of strategically
placed material to make the part more tolerant of over tightening the

As of January 8th, 2014, all Ripleys have been shipping
with a new, beefier lower eccentric core and new Titanium bolt. A side
benefit to this added material is that the new “GnarCore” increases the
lateral stiffness of the Ripley by 10%. The new Titanium bolt is
recognizably different than the anodized aluminum bolts that were being
put on the bikes until now. So if you get a Ripley and notice a slight
change in the lower eccentric bolt, that’s why.

The updated parts
can be retrofitted to all Ripley frames and will be available on our web
store as a kit including the lower eccentric core, matching cap,
stainless fastener and Ti bolt with aluminum nut for $34.95 retail.

Order here: Ripley GnarCore Eccentric

Check out the nifty new cable management solution that just ‘dropped’.

installing the cables on a Ripley, it is necessary to lock the casings
together near the front of the shock to keep them in place while riding.

people use a zip tie or two for this and it works fine if they are very
tight. Zip ties can be kind of slippery, so we designed a small clamp
about the size of a dice that locks the casings in place more securely.
If you are having trouble with your casings moving around, this will
take care of it.

Order here: Ripley Cable Dice

Aluminum cover for direct mount front derailleur tab.

Use with 1×10 or 1×11 drivetrains that do not use a front derailleur or chainguide.

Includes Ultra High Tech Spacecraft Aluminum Fastener*, in HighSpeed AnoBlackā„¢, size is M6 with a 4mm head.

and more expensive than the stainless steel bolts which our competitors
use in their more expensive derailleur mount covers.

Order here: Front Derailleur

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