Thirty 48 Athletic Socks

by Brian Mullin on February 17, 2014


Los Angeles – December, 2013 – Recognizing a need for performance socks based on science and design, Thirty 48
engineered compression, running, and cycling socks that utilize the
latest innovations in tech-wear to help improve athletic performance.

existing sock manufacturers were not making socks that lived up to our
standards,” said Emily Fu, CEO of Thirty 48. “We felt we could deliver
socks that elevated an athlete’s experience to the next level by taking
advantage of cutting edge fabric blends to keep feet dry and sizing each
sock for the right and left foot specifically for the perfect fit.”

running and cycling socks are just the beginning. Thirty 48 has also
come out with compression sleeves and compression socks that can be used
for any activity or sport. Also on the horizon are socks specific for
other activities including Yoga, and Snowboarding.

Grams Thoughts => These socks look pretty interesting, and as an avowed sock geek myself, I am looking forward to trying them out. With some science and meticulous research bundled up within their socks, the cycling socks right and left foot specific design, CatalystAF technology, special wicking fabrics and arch support should work in synergy for a great product.

are 30.48cm in 1ft. which is how the company arrived at its name. Truly
obsessed over the numbers that are behind all the research and
development, Thirty 48 even pokes fun at itself with the realization
that they’ve become the industry’s ‘sock geeks.’ It’s also a source of
pride for Thirty 48 that their customers can be assured that their feet
are wrapped in cutting edge tech-wear that will propel them to the next

Cy Cycling Series cycling socks:

  • Right & Left foot specific for a better fit and blister prevention
  • CatalystAF ™: Design which allows increased airflow
  • Specialized fabric blend to wick moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry

Ru Running Series socks:

  • Right & Left foot specific for a better fit and blister prevention
  • CatalystAF ™: Design which allows increased airflow
  • COOLMAX ® fabric to move moisture away from the feet, keeping them dry

Cp Compression Series sleeves:

  • Increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen to reach calf muscles
  • Improves Performance by altering muscle force, muscle power, and muscle contraction efficiency
  • Prevents Injuries such as shin splints, and soothes aching muscles post-workout
  • 15-20mm compression for workouts, and 20-30mm compression for recovery

About Thirty 48
Thirty 48 is a leading sock manufacturer for runners, cyclists, and
cross trainers. With meticulous care being put into research before any
sock or sleeve enters manufacturing, Thirty 48 delivers high quality
socks that perform to your specific needs and can keep pace with your
active lifestyle and most importantly YOU! Visit to learn more.

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