Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O Review

by Brian Mullin on March 1, 2014

Demon’s X D3O products features the best blend of technology and design,
allowing you to enjoy whatever X Sports you want to participate in.
They been creating extreme sports protection gear since 1999, and they
cover the gamut of activities, including biking, snow sports,
skateboarding, roller derby and snowmobiling. Having their headquarters
in Salt Lake City keeps them close to a motherload of locations for the
testing and designing of gravity gear.

The Demon Knee and Elbow Soft Cap Pro X
D3O has an ultra-lightweight and low profile design. They utilize
stretchy Lycra along the front and neoprene along the back, and the
materials are breathable and wick moisture for comfort in any weather.
The pads incorporate the impact technology of D3O, which uses the
benefits of non-Newtonian shear thickening material in polymers. The D3O
padding provides great impact absorption, and it’s soft and flexible
until it receives a shock, and then it stiffens up to absorb and
disperse the energy, helping to protect your limbs. They come in four
sizes (S,M,L & XL), and the knee retail for $64.99 and the elbow for


knee pads are soft and comfortable, and stay in place during any sort
of riding, whether that’s long pedaling sessions or riding technical
terrain. The stretchy elastic back means they fit well, and conform to
the nooks and crannies of the back and sides of your knee, making for a
secure and supportive set of armor. The stretchiness and give provides
exceptional maneuverability while pedaling, and I never felt any
inordinate amount of discomfort, pinch spots or binding. These might be
one of the most comfortable sets of knee pads I have worn, and I have
tested a fair share of the soft armor on the market. Like any set of
soft armor, make sure to get the proper size, since they’ll stretch a
bit with usage. The great support and security mean they wrap around the
front portion of the knee and stay put, so they provide ample
protection during crashes, fall overs and general banging into things.
They have good side coverage and padding, and it wraps around just
enough to protect the tender joint locations. It was only on rare
occasions that they drooped subtlely and I had to give them a slight tug
for repositioning. Unless I am going to spend the day at a bike park,
this set of soft armor is always the pair I reach for and wear. They are
compact and easy to take on and off, making them simple to stow in your
pack when they aren’t needed. I wore them on a couple of extremely hot
rides, and although I sweated like crazy, they seem to wick the moisture
away and weren’t overtly uncomfortable.

I found the elbow pads just as comfortable, they had the same sort of
issues that many soft elbow armor; they droop. And unfortunately, this
model from Demon was worse than most others I have tried. They tended to
do it when you would need the protection the most, when you were
hammering down a rough and rugged trail, and the repetitive motion
exacerbated the issue until they almost slid down past your elbows.
Getting the next size down might help the issue, but I would think it
would cause some discomfort and binding issues.

Bottom Line

Demon Knee Soft Cap Pro X D3O is an exceptional piece of soft armor,
that is comfortable, and allows long pedaling sessions without binding
and irritation issues. The knee pads stay in place no matter what’s
going on, and that security and support works in synergy with the D3O
impact absorption system for great protection. The well-made armor has
great durability, and during the abusive 1.5 years of use, they haven’t
shown any excessive signs of wear. They aren’t the most bombproof armor
protection for full-on bike park use, though they provided more than
adequate protection during my frequent forays onto the ground when
riding more normal gnarly terrain. The knee pads are so comfortable that
I almost always wore them, so I protected my precious limbs from minor
scratches and abrasions and more major crash impacts.
as much as I liked the Demon Elbow Soft Cap Pro X D3O, which was
comfortable and supportive, they drooped out of position far too easily
to be useful for protection while riding in rugged terrain. It might be
my arms or the fit, but they didn’t work for me.

  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Easy slip on design
  • Knees – stays in place, secure and stable
  • Knees – great for pedaling
  • Durable
  • Elbow – Drooped too easily, making their protection advantage not very useful
  • Knee $64.99
  • Elbow $59.99

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