WTB annouces the new High Tail and upgraded Volt and Rocket saddles

by Brian Mullin on March 8, 2014

is rolling out some new saddles this September, including the new
gravity oriented High Tail, and upgraded Rocket and Volt. The brand new
High Tail gets a small cutout at the rear to allow a bike to have full
extension of its travel, preventing any unwanted tire and saddle
interference. The Rocket and Volt get carbon rails, and will come in
additional widths of 142mm and 150mm. I love the Volt saddle, and found
it to be one of my favorites, but I did find it a bit narrow, so I am
looking forward to the wider design.

 Press Release

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN – March 7, 2014 – WTB released a new performance
saddle shape called the High Tail as well as carbon-railed versions of
the Volt and Rocket V saddles during day one the Taipei International
Cycle Show. The High Tail saddle was developed as a direct request from
Pivot Cycles, who identified an emerging need for a purpose-built saddle
while designing and refining their upcoming carbon 27.5” downhill bike.

High Tail saddle features a unique and distinctive cut-out to the back
of the saddle, allowing for additional rear tire clearance as full
suspension 27.5” bikes cycle through their travel. Chris Cocalis, Pivot
Cycles’ Founder and President, commented on the thought process behind
the design, “It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to be able
to use the geometry we wanted to use with a conventional saddle on our
upcoming 27.5” carbon downhill bike. We wanted to maintain the same
travel, chainstay length and rider positioning as on our current 26”
Phoenix DH bike and this presented an overall clearance challenge with
current seat and rail profiles. Something had to give, so we contacted
WTB with the idea of a saddle to accommodate the rising popularity of
the 27.5” full suspension market.”

Cocalis mentioned, the High Tail saddle not only caters to downhill
bikes but also trail and enduro 27.5” full suspension bikes following
trends toward slacker angles aimed at more aggressive usage. “The High
Tail is particularly special,” furthered WTB’s OEM Sales Manger, Jason
Moeschler, “you’re getting technology gleaned from downhill bikes and
now used by many categories and rider types. You don’t usually get such a
quick transition from gravity to all aspects of riding, a big thank you
is owed to Chris [Cocalis] for tipping us off.”

WTB will
highlight the usage spectrum of the High Tail through its level options.
A $249.95 US MSRP Carbon option will bring downhill technology to
gram-counting cross country riders. A Titanium–railed Team level and and
Cromoly Pro option will retail for $159.95 and $119.95 USD,
respectively, bringing the technology to more attainable though
decidedly high-end price points. Predicted availability worldwide will
be September of 2014.

Additionally, WTB also released
carbon-railed options for their Volt and Rocket V shapes, also retailing
for $249.95. Both the Volt and Rocket V saddles will also gain
additional width options, expanding to 142mm and 150mm widths throughout
the two saddle’s level options.

excited for elite level carbon options as well as additional width
availability for the Volt and Rocket V saddles,” stated WTB’s Director
of Sales, Gary Gleason. “They [Volt and Rocket V] are incredibly popular
sellers for us, it’s empowering from a sales side to know that the Volt
and Rocket will broaden their reach through expanded fit, sizing, and
price points.”

V and Volt Carbon saddles, along with 142 and 150 widths, are expected
to become available starting in September as well. Rocket V and Volt
pricing will follow WTB’s traditional saddle price structure, with satin
steel-railed Comp saddles starting at $39.95 USD, followed by $59.95
Cromoly-railed Race saddles, $89.95 Pro options utilizing DNA padding,
and $129.95 Team saddles featuring Titanium rails.

About WTB

Founded in 1982, WTB was formed in the birthplace of mountain biking to
design better bicycle products. Renowned for saddles, tires, rims, and
grips, this rider-driven company continues to push the boundaries of
what’s possible through an unrelenting spirit of innovation and passion
for two-wheeled adventure.

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