Sea Otter 2014 – Eligo Spile

by Brian Mullin on April 19, 2014

Eligo Spile

Eligo Spile is a “smart hydration” system, which uses their dual fluid
selector bite valve with it’s piggy-backed electrolyte cartridge
injector. The system allows you to choose either water or a water and electrolyte mixture from the same bite valve. The Spile consists of a hose with a hydration reservoir compatible quick
connector at one end, and their dual bite valve and cartridge on the
other. It fits the newer Hydrapak and Camelbak systems, so your not constrained for either brand. The co-founders, Shane Rogers and Brian Holm, hammered out the design over the last couple of years, and it’s an interesting and innovative product.

you bite down on the first lip of the valve, you get fresh water, while
biting on the second mixes water with the electrolytes in the
cartridge, giving a properly dosed mixture. This design keeps only fresh
water in the hydration reservoir, eliminating the usual frequent
cleanup process to rid it of leftover drink product, creating fewer
chances for mold and discoloration.

a simple process to attach the cartridge; you place it 1/4 turn off
access on the back of the valve, rotate it until it clicks, and then
uses the center of the bite valve to puncture it to begin usage.

electrolyte cartridges contain 15mm of fluid, and the ingredients were
developed with input from sport nutritionists, and they’re packed with
all of your essential electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, and
magnesium) that your body needs. They currently have three electrolyte
flavors, Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry, and Orange, and they retail for $2.50
each. The cartridges aren’t refillable, but that might change in a
future design.

The Spile retails for $48.95 and includes one Lemon Lime electrolyte cartridge.

First impressions – I got two test rides under my belt with the Eligo, and it has got a lot of promises. The fresh water from the first lip location on the bite valve has an easy draw with a good amount of flow. The second lip for the electrolyte and water mixture was slightly more difficult to draw in direct comparison, and it felt more like I was sucking it into my mouth, though once the fluid starts moving it seemed easier. I did have one mishap when the bite valve popped off its end bard leaving a small opening, and water started to squirt all over the place when the pack had any sort of pressure on it. It needs some sort of shutoff system or perhaps a sealed cap that can be used during transport? 

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