Sea Otter 2014 – KS Suspension Ether Handlebars, Stems And Seatposts

by Brian Mullin on April 21, 2014

KS Suspension was showing their Ether line of handlebars, seatposts and
stems at Sea Otter. According to Rick Taylor of KS USA, OE and other
bike customers were requesting cockpit components that would have the
same look and feel as their dropper seatposts, so the Ether project came
from that requirement.

handlebars will come in aluminum and carbon models, in both a riser and
flat versions, and fit 31.8mm diameter bars. The riser’s are 780mm wide
and 20mm tall, and the carbon weighs 207g and the aluminum 322g. The
flat bars are narrower at 720mm, and the carbon weighs 197g and the
aluminum 252g.

The Ether seatpost will come in a 400mm
length, and 30.0mm and 31.6mm diameters (not sure about 27.2), and will
utilize the same two-bolt zero offset design as their dropper posts.

Bar specs:

  • Carbon riser – 780 mm width, 20mm rise,  9º back and 8º up sweep, 207 grams
  • Aluminum riser – 780 mm width, 20mm rise, 9º back and 8º up sweep, 322 grams
  • Carbon flat- 720 mm width, 9º back sweep, 197 grams
  • Aluminum flat- 720 mm width, 9º back sweep, 252 grams

aluminum Ether stem comes in 50mm and 70mm lengths, with a 0º rise. It
uses titanium bolts and angled bar clamp, and has an offset steerer
clamp to prevent knee and other body part injuries.

The pricing and release dates haven’t been announced as yet.

For more information:

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