Sea Otter 2014 – Magura Four Piston Brakes and eLECT Rear Shock

by Brian Mullin on April 23, 2014

in the back of the Magura’s booth was their new four piston brake,
which is primarily oriented towards the gravity crowd. The levers and
reservoir were cloaked under some knitted covers, so we didn’t get an
opportunity to examine them.

four piston brake uses four top loading organic pads, and much of its
technology and design came from their development of their Motard
motorcycle brakes. The pads sit in an asymmetrical manner on the
pistons, and there is a small gap between them, all of which assist with
better heat management and lower temperatures being transferred to the
rotors. The four pad design allowed them to use a thinner metal backing
and increase the resin material thickness, for superior longevity and
improved cooling.  The caliper is forged in a single piece, and the pads
are held in place with magnets along with a retaining screw.

the Motard design, it uses a brace across the middle between each side
of the caliper for additional stiffness. The all-metal Motard calipers
are a hefty piece of equipment, and definitely show some shared designs
with bicycle systems. They also were showing a BMW clutch lever and
master cylinder, which uses the same Carbotechture construction as their
mountain bike brakes, yet are strong enough for motorcycle use.

brakes are supposed to weigh around 350 grams for a front brake with a
160mm rotor and its required hardware. They should be available in July,
with a price that has yet to be determined.

The four pistons and
four pads with their offset and spaced setting, will help with heat
dissipation and increase overall performance.


eLECT automatic fork adjuster for their TS forks uses a 3D
accelerometer, and a handlebar mounted Ant+ remote. The eELCT is an
automatic lock out cartridge that is either on or off, with a non
adjustable blow off for larger impact. The 3D accelerometer in the
damper is just like what your smartphone or video game controller uses,
and will lock out the fork in 0.2 seconds when it’s detected orientation
reaches a preset pitch angle, or it’s impacted.

Magura has now added a rear shock with the eLECT technology to their lineup. The
eLECT fork and rear shock work in tandem in the automated mode, with the
fork acting as the main brain for controlling the pitch lockout sensing
and feeding that information to the rear. The new three-button handlebar remote
wirelessly communicates to the fork and shock, allowing you to select
manual open or closed for either unit, or the automated mode for both of
them together. 

For safety and control, it has a blow off
and a free fall detection if big drops are encountered and will unlock
the fork and shock before impact, and if anything electronically
malfunctions, the dampers revert to the open mode.

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