Handlebar Helmet Safety Device

by Brian Mullin on May 21, 2014

Press Release

Nashville, TN –  May is National Bike Month. It’s a perfect time for one Middle
Tennessee family to share their story and the ingenious safety device
they invented after nearly losing their young son in a simple fall from
his bike.

Judith Meyer is an information technology specialist.
Her husband Dave is a contractor. Raising four active children, the
couple had no plans to become inventors, but a near-tragedy set them
into action for their own children and for other families.

It was
an ordinary summer day in 2011 when the Meyers were planning a cookout
with friends. Their son, Luke, then just 4-years-old, fell from his bike
while riding in the driveway. He no scratches, marks or bruising, so
his parents consoled him and the family set about their day.

Luke developed chills and a fever. His heart was racing and his face
went from pale to flushed. By morning, it was clear that something was
terribly wrong. Within hours, Judith and Dave watched their young son
wheeled away for surgery at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

he fell from his bike, Luke’s handlebars had punctured his small
intestine. There were no visible signs of injury. During recovery from
his surgery, Judith and Dave remained vigilant for signs of infection
from the toxins that had leaked into Luke’s body.

While their
spent a week in the hospital, the Meyer’s learned from their surgeon
that this type of injury is far more common that most people know. Blunt
trauma from bicycle handlebars is an injury frequently seen by medical

According to the National Center for Biotechnology
Information, abdominal injuries of the type sustained by Luke Meyer are
not uncommon. The NCBI web site states that “Bicycle accidents account
for 5-14% of blunt abdominal trauma in children. In general, injuries to
the spleen, liver, or kidneys are readily evident soon after the
accident; however, injuries to the bowel and pancreas often present late
and result in greater morbidity.”

their son recovered, the Meyer’s talked about what they could do to not
only alert other families, but offer a solution. They tried a variety
of homemade solutions which resulted in the invention of a molded
plastic, mushroom-shaped device that fits in the end of handlebars. The
“Handlebar Helmet” was born.

“This small piece of plastic might be
the difference and keep another child and family from having to
experience the physical, emotional, and financial impact of an abdominal
accident resulting in hospitalization.” Judith and Dave Meyer,

story has a happy ending. The now healthy 7-year-old proudly shows off
his scar and returned to riding his bike immediately after doctors gave
the clearance for him to ride.

The next level in kids’ bike safety for just $19.95

Handlebar Helmet is a plastic device that is easily inserted in the end of youth bike handlebars. During a bicycle accident, Handlebar
Helmet may prevent serious injuries that can result from a child being
struck by the bike handlebar (i.e., getting impaled by the bar end). All
you need is a razor knife or similar tool and a mallet, hammer, or
similar object. You simply remove the covering on the end of the
handlebar (if it is there), insert the Handlebar Helmet, and tap it a
few times to secure the fit.

unique design means it fits nearly all youth bikes. The Handlebar
Helmet could protect your car from being scratched for those times when
the kids are riding too close to your car, and it also prevent their
hands from sliding off the handlebar.

You can choose from 5 colors for your Handlebar Helmet. and they’re only 19.95 per pair, plus shipping and tax (if applicable). For more information on the Meyer’s safety device, visit www.handlebarhelmet.com

Grams Thoughts => What a grand and simple device this is. It protects kids from being injured, vehicles from getting scratched and keeps their little hands on the bars. There has been a few awful injuries of some famous mountain bike riders getting impaled by the bars and almost bleeding to death.  

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