Introducing the ENDEVR MyID Sport Emergency Bracelet

by Brian Mullin on June 21, 2014

has released a sporty new id bracelet named the MyID Sport. The MyID
bracelets was created to provide 1st responders with vital medical and
personal information in case of any emergency. As the world’s first
smart ID bracelet, a medical and personal profile is available in
seconds with just the scan of a QR code, located on the interior of the
bracelet. These bracelets have been proven to be valuable during serious
situations when quickly gaining access to critical information is key. It retails for $19.95 and comes in 10 color combinations.

Thoughts =>
I like the idea of having the QR code for quick
scanning, as I presume most first responders will have access to a
smartphone of some sort. It looks very much like the Road ID system,
having the same sort of set up for your contact and medical information.
I’ll be interested to see how it works in action and how it feels on
the wrist, since my current fave is the thin and comfortable Road ID Wrist ID Slim.


MyID band is world’s first smart identification bracelet containing
vital medical information to assist first responders and medical

  • Made from silicon, this comfortable and
    lightweight bracelet quickly provides complete medical profile
    information to first responders
  • Optimized for fast access from first responders with QR code or telephone access
  • Complimentary MyID phone app, which easily merges and updates information via smartphone
  • Easily setup and update your medical profile via computer or smartphone
  • Additional Steel and laser engraved condition specific side sliders can be purchased for an additional $4.95
  • Includes medical profile wallet card & stickers for car and home for complete protection
  • Lifetime
    subscription to Basic Online Health Profile & free 1 year
    subscription to Premium Online Health Profile ($9.95/year after that)
  • Fully adjustable fit & available in 9 different color combinations

Available at:

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