New – Absolute Black Singlespeed Cog

by Brian Mullin on June 6, 2014

Black has a new aluminum singlespeed cog that should have great
durability and chain retention. The cog comes in 16t, 18t and 20t sizes
and retails for $39.99, and only comes in black.

uses the same narrow-wide profile that their SRAM spiderless chainrings
utilizes, so the tooth shape helps retain a chain. The synergies of the
profile and shape mean the cog’s teeth are stronger and slower wearing.
It has a flip-flop design so the cog can be turned over when the teeth
get eaten up from singlespeed constant hammering. Even in singlespeed
riding, the chain stretch can cause retention issues, and the
narrow-wide system is a big help, so chain tensions aren’t required. The
narrow-wide design came from agriculture tractor patents, which use
single front and rear cogs for gear transferring.

cog fits on Shimano freehub bodies and offers a wide 7mm thick base to
prevent damaging the alloy freehub, especially under the heavy loads
created by singlespeed use.

cogs are designed in UK, but are manufactured in Poland. Unfortunately,
the cog is not compatible with half link chains, and works best with
either a 10 or 11 speed chain.

For more info:


Size (Mass +/-1g):
16T(23g), 18T(24g), 20T(29g)
cnc machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction. 7mm wide.
to almost every hub on the market. Please note that some freehubs may
be a bit out of tolerance, so the cog may fit tight in such case. This
is absolutely normal.
Chain compatibility
1X, 6/7/8/9/10/11spd chains. To utilize narrow-wide feature please use
9/10/11spd chain.   (Not compatible with halflink chains.)

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