Schwalbe Procore – more details on their dual chamber system

by Brian Mullin on June 27, 2014

Schwalbe has been releasing small tidbits of information on their new Procore dual chamber system, and we are finally getting the first internal pictures of the chamber and additional details on it’s inner workings.
has partnered with the component company Syntace to produce and design a
Dual Chambered mountain bike tire system. This system consists of an
outer main chamber that utilizes lower pressure (14+ psi) combined with
an inner one that’s closer to the rim seat, which would use much higher
pressure (55-85 psi). These attributes are supposed to offer a tire with
better traction and decreased punctures and pinch flats. The inner
chamber would use the higher pressure to hold the tire tightly to the
rim, and prevent unwanted rim hits and burping.

It sounds like a
great idea, and we’ll be interested to see how it works in the real
world. Offering better traction and control, a wider footprint, with no
burping, pinch flatting and rim impacts. In a nutshell: “The dual
chamber system allows extremely low air pressures around 14 psi without
the risk of snake-bites or the tire slipping on the rim.” It looks a lot like the off road motorcycle system Tubliss from Nuetech, though without the wire beaded rim lock.

Press Release

This view of an open tire gives the first insight into the system and the product name is also revealed.
is short for progressive core. The “core” is filled with a high
pressure of about 55-85 psi and progressively cushions very hard knocks.
Therefore the outer tire can be ridden at an extremely low pressure,
which leads to significantly improved performance. On standard tires
riding at less than 20 psi is simply too risky, because the possibility
of snake-bites is just too high.

The dual chamber Procore system
has already been proven in Worldcup races. Nico Lau won his first ever
Enduro World Cup using Procore. On Scotland’s extreme Downhill course in
Fort William, Emmeline Ragot (1st place) and Sam Hill (2nd place) were
also successful using Procore.

All riders are really thrilled about the new opportunities:

  • Tire
    pressure can be reduced to a minimum 14 psi, thus providing a huge
    amount of grip. Even on the roughest terrain tires “stick” to the
  • The tire provides extremely sensitive cushioning.
  • Due to the extra cushioning and traction there is much better steering, braking and traction control.
  • No more risk of snake bites. The rims are extremely well protected from denting.
  • Even in the toughest conditions, significantly lighter tires can be used.
  • Excellent emergency running characteristics due to the internal high-pressure air chamber.
  • At the same time, Procore’s inner system secures the tire to the rim and prevents the dreaded “burping” of tubeless systems.

Procore system is a joint development with Syntace, but it can be
mounted in all conventional wheels that have a minimum internal width of
23 mm. Weight per wheel is ca. 200 g and of course Procore will be
available for all 3 MTB wheel diameters.

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