Introducing PAPER SHOWER: The Portable Packable Shower

by Brian Mullin on July 19, 2014

you — or more importantly, your readers — have ever been exercising,
working late or traveling and said to yourself “Do I need a shower?”, 
imagine if you could — at that moment — reach into your gym bag,
suitcase or pocket and pull out a shower in a pack. Enter Paper Shower. 
An innovative offering into the wet wipe marketplace that provides a
first-of-its-kind, wet-dry towelette system hermetically sealed in a
small, foldable pack that drops easily into a handbag, backpack,
carry-on baggage or pocket.

The company, niched and gaining a
significant foothold in the wet-wipe industry, is about to experience
major expansion having sold over a quarter million units worldwide,
including packs to the NFL (namely NY Giants & NY Jets), specialty
outlets like Sports Authority and major retailers like Walgreens and
Publix. Paper Shower packs retail for $.88 each and are sold online at

Grams Thoughts => These
sound a lot more functional than baby wipes, which I have used for
years, both on the road and the trail. They seem to be more along the
line of Action Wipes, though those have a slightly different purpose.  The
Paper Shower system appears to be more of a full or partial body
cleaner, so it would be great for cleaning up after a day of riding or
camping, especially when access to a real shower is limited.

“Paper Shower is the most affordable and effective
personal hygiene solution ideal for travelers, commuters, exercisers,
outdoor adventurists and parents who often need to wipe up messy hands
and faces,” explains Paper Shower inventor Dr. James Bahcall.  With the
country turning green and more people biking and walking to work without
access to showers all the time in the heat of peak summer months, now
is the perfect time to sit down with this exceptional entrepreneur who
has a background in business of creating successful products.  And, like
the best businesses with an admirable company culture, Paper Shower
donates a percentage of monies earned to charities including the
American Cancer Society and homeless shelters.  They even ship comp
product to disaster relief organizations whenever needed.

of the typical wet wipes which can barely clean your hands, have a high
alcohol content and leave one’s skin nearly as dirty and sticky as it
was before, Paper Shower is a 10”x12” durable towelette that is designed to be the ultimate body wipe which is a close runner-up to actually taking a shower.  Paper Shower’s
separate wet-and-dry towelettes’ unique 1-2 system includes a moist
towelette (with 99.9% saturated saline), a soap and a
glycerine-basedmoisturizer followed by a separate, dry towellete results
in one’s skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed…when showering is
not an option.

So how do Paper Shower body wipes stack up to traditional wet wipes?

Paper Shower Traditional Wet Wipe
Cleansing Formulation A water-base solution with soap, skin moisturizer and very low alcohol content. This means your skin will not become dry after usage Contains very little water but has a high alcohol content. This means they not only dry out super fast when you are trying to use them but they also dry out your skin
Durability Made of a thick durable, yet soft, fabric which will not tear or fray during usage Thin and easily torn
Size Both wet and dry towelettes are
10″ x 12“
A typical wet wipe is only 4″ x 6″
Uses Paper Shower is big and wet enough to provide a full body wash Too small and not wet enough for anything more than a hand and face wipe
Scents Both Paper Shower -Original and Fresh are unscented Wet wipes are typically highly scented

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