Absolute Black Bash Guard for Small Chainrings

by Brian Mullin on August 12, 2014

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

Absolute Black company has released a bash guard that is meant to
protect 1×10 and 1×11 systems that use small 26-32T front chainrings.
The bash guard replaces the upper chainring positions (104 BCD), and it
offers effective solution to cover the teeth on the micro chainrings (64
BCD) that are being used on the new 1X wide range drivetrain systems.
The aluminum bash guard protects up to a 32T chainring, comes in Black
and Red colors and retails for $51.

On 2x cranks you can use 26,
28, and 30T 64BCD chainrings and the bash guard on the outer 104BCD
location. On a 3x crank, you can use a 32T on the inner 104BCD location
and the bash guard on the outer 104BCD spot.

Polish engineer Marcin Golec designed the bash guard in Woburn England, and it’s CNC’d in Poland.

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

Company Fodder:

clean and elegant way to protect your chainring tooths in rough
terrain. Bash guard intended for XC, Trail and Enduro riding. This
lightweight piece is not suitable for DH style of riding.
bashring allows you to use 26, 28, 30 or 32T chainring. Specifically
designed for covering the smaller chainrings on 64BCD position. Bashring
is positioned on 104BCD tabs.
The Bashring is symmetrical so, it
does not matter which foot you have up front. The groove on the
circumference indicates where the crank arm should be positioned.


Size (Mass +/-1g)  28-32T (51g)
Color  Black, Racing Red
Compatibility  All cranks with 4x 104BCD interface. That means Shimano, Race Face, FSA, Aerozine, etc
Material  CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum.
Finish  Type II anodizing
Mounting holes  4 x 104mm BCD

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

narrow-wide aluminum chainrings offer excellent chain retention for
64BCD and 104BCD cranks. The guard works on as 1x systems for 9, 10 and
11-speed drivetrains, and they have specially designed wide-narrow tooth
profiles to keeps the chain snug, without any dropped chain problems.

narrow-wide chainrings are available in Black and Red colors, and comes
in 26, 28 and 30T sizes with a 64BCD spacing and 32, 34, 36 and 38T
sizes with 104BCD spacing, and they retail from $56-$64.

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