Bell Announces the Super 2R helmet

by Brian Mullin on August 27, 2014

Removable, Protective Chin Bar Provides Groundbreaking Performance and
Adaptability to Inspire Confidence Across Varying Speeds and Diverse

Bell Helmets made two major announcements; they unveiled their new Super 2R helmet with a removable chin system and they’re using the MIPS and ICEdot technologies on certain helmet models. The Super 2R is an
All Mountain helmet that has a removable and protective chin bar that
can be easily attached and detached during the course of a ride.

the Super 2R, we wanted to introduce a helmet that could address the
various situations that a serious all-mountain rider might encounter,”
says Azul Couzens, Director of Marketing, Bell Helmets. “For avid
mountain bikers, escalated downhill speeds call for enhanced protection
in a full-face helmet. Until now, there was a choice between wearing an
open-face or full-face helmet, or carry both to swap back and forth. We
felt it was time for one helmet that effectively achieves all of that.
The Super 2R is a single helmet that offers adaptable protection and
comfort to address the riders’ headgear needs.”

Grams Thoughts=>

design reminds me a bit of the Giro Switchblade and MET Parachute
helmets, where they incorporate a more normal vented system with
a chainbar, offering the comfort and ventilation of an x-country
oriented helmet with the safety of a full face model. It passed the
CPSC test which is an accomplishment in itself, but it still doesn’t
have the ASTM 1952 certification for DH use. As someone who spends a lot
of time in gnarly and dangerous terrain, this should be a great helmet design to
provide more safety and protection for face plants into the ground, rocks and trees. I look forward to this model for my personal
protection, and I like having the ability to be able to switch between normal
or full on safety mode with three easy clicks.

Company fodder:

key to Super 2R’s versatility is the robust, removable chinbar
incorporating patent-pending Wraparound Protection technology. This
protective chinbar can be removed and carried on climbs then quickly and
easily snapped into place when it’s time to descend. Everything about
the new Super 2R was designed for all-mountain riding. Its Overbrow
Ventilation system channels cool air through the helmet to reduce the
chance of overheating on long rides. The TAG fit system is designed to
give a more comfortable perch on the occipital lobe. The GoggleGuide
System lets you easily adjust and stow goggles under the visor. And a
newly designed camera mount features an improved breakaway design

This is essential all-mountain gear. With Super 2R, you’re ready for anything.

The Super 2R is an upgrade from Bell’s original Super helmet, and the
chin bar will only be compatible with the new Super 2R and Super 2. The
Super 2R will be available in three sizes, is CPSC and CE EN1078
certified, and will also come equipped with ICEdot emergency
identification and notification service; a label with a unique code that
the user can activate at no charge. After setting up a user profile,
first responders will be able to access emergency contact info and any
special health conditions via SMS text through a standard mobile device.
It will be available in five standard color ways, three of which are available with MIPS which helps to reduce rotational acceleration to the head from angled impacts. Super 2R is priced
for retail at $200 and will be available at Bell dealers in November.

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System,
MIPS, was developed by a Swedish neuroscientist to improve protection
from oblique impacts to the head.   Concussions and brain injuries are
often caused by angled head impacts that create rotational violence to
the brain, causing strain on the brain tissue. MIPS utilizes either a
low friction layer on the inside of the helmet liner for inmold helmets
or a low-friction layer between the outer shell and liner for hard
shell/two piece helmets to absorb much of the energy created by both
unilateral or oblique blows to the head.

By mimicking the brain’s own
protective mechanisms, MIPS can significantly minimize brain injuries in
connection with angled impacts and rotational violence. MIPS will be available on the 2015 Bell Super 2R, Super 2 and Stoker helmets.

Super 2R Specifications:

  • Weight: 24.5 oz / 694 grams
  • Sizes: S 52–56 cm / 20.5″–22,  M 55–59 cm / 21.625″–23.25, s L 58–62 cm / 22.875″–24.37″
  • Certifications: CPSC and CE EN1078
  • Vents: 23 helmet vents – 4 overbrow port and 6 chinbar vents
  • Removable Wraparound Chinbar
  • GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor System
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount
  • X-Static Padding
  • Breakaway Visor Screws
  • TAG Fit System

About Bell

humble beginnings in the garage of a Southern California speed shop in
the 1950’s to the heads of champions in auto, motorcycle and bicycle
competitions all over the world, Bell Helmets is synonymous with
protection and progression. Part of BRG Sports and based in Scotts
Valley, Calif., Bell Helmets is the world leader in the design,
manufacture and distribution of bicycle and motorcycle helmets and


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