Northwave Announces New All Mountain Bike Shoes With Michelin Soles

by Brian Mullin on August 30, 2014

Northwave Dolomites Evo

The Italian cycling shoe manufacturer Northwave has partnered with JV International
(a consortium of Michelin tires and the Jihua Group apparel company) to
create an innovative and technical sole for three of their new mountain
biking shoes.

The Northwave Dolomites Evo is a medium height All
Mountain shoe that utilizes Michelin’s Rock’r sole and features wide
tread blocks with multiple rubber densities for traction and durability.
The Spider Plus 2 and Spider 2 use Michelin’s X-Crossbow sole which has
better flexibility and cushioning for improved walking purposes. The
Spider Plus 2 uses their one-button SLW 2 closure system, while the
Spider 2 and Dolomites Evo uses their Speed Lace system. The shoes will
be available in late 2014 or early 2015, and the Spider 2 will retail
for 130 euros, the Spider Plus 2 for 170 euros and the Dolomites for 200
euros (no US prices as yet).

Grams Thoughts =>

These shoes
look pretty cool, and I especially like the high-topped Dolomites Evo.
Hopefully, the soles are as grippy as a good set of Michelin tires. It’s
tough to tell from the pictures how stiff the shank will be for good
pedaling performance though I am certain they’ll hike-a-bike just fine. I
am looking forward to seeing how they feel in person at the Interbike

Rock’r Sole


Excellent performance
and shock-absorbing attitude are the highlights of new Northwave
Dolomites Evo, 2015 Northwave’s All-Mountain top model. Dolomites Evo is
equipped with innovative Rock’r sole, co-engineered by Northwave and
Michelin, setting new benchmarks in the All-Mountain branch for
stability and performance. Its name is not by a case: its tread recalls
the one of Wild Rock’r 2, Michelin’s top MTB tire.

The tread’s
shoulder blocks have been widened to increase stability, just like on
tires. The sole is built with two different compounds: the black area is
made of OC Compound, characterized by excellent grip and outstanding
strength, providing stability and abrasion resistance, while the blue
part – heavy-stressed and most crucial for grip – employs OC 4 Compound,
even more resistant against abrasion and compression.

addition, the exclusive X-Crossbow construction, developed by Northwave
through its winter sports and technical shoes experience, along with
materials technology, makes the heel area extremely elastic, and that
results in excellent shock-absorbing qualities.

Northwave Spider Plus 2


grip and shock absorbing are the key features of Spider Plus 2 and
Spider 2, the two models that employ the second sole co-developed by
Northwave and Michelin, X-Crossbow Michelin. Compared to Rock’r,
X-Crossbow Michelin provides the same excellent grip and traction
characteristics, but with a less stiff structure to increase the walking
comfort. The sole shares several Rock’r technical solutions and
materials, while displaying a different design and an even more striking
and colored look.

X-Crossbow Sole

As the name itself suggests, the sole employs
Northwave X-Crossbow technology, providing increased elasticity in the
heel’s area and improved shock absorption. Thanks to Michelin’s
experience, the tread’s design is inspired to the French company’s
tires, and is conceived to dump the mud and dirt collected in the
sculptures, keeping the tread’s surface always clean, while also
ensuring superb grip and traction on every terrain.

Those who
choose Spider Plus 2 and Spider 2 will definitely get noticed for their
impactful colors and designs: Spider Plus 2 is available in
Anthra-Black-Orange version only, while Spider 2 presents two options
Red-Green and Black

Northwave Spider 2

The agreement we signed with Michelin Soles is a great stride for our company – Northwave Founder and President Gianni Piva explained –. Tire
treads’ technology by Michelin means a terrific strategic added-value
to further improve the performance of our off-road footwear

About Northwave

in Montebelluna shoe-district in the late Eighties, Northwave is based
in Onigo di Pederobba (Treviso). From 1993 to date, the company acquired
solid market shares worldwide through its cycling shoes, but eventually
emerged and established as an overall and high-quality cycling brand
with a unique style, “from head to toe”: not only shoes, but also
helmets, glasses, clothing and accessories, that’s the strategic vision
explained and confirmed today by Northwave’s Chief Operating Officer
Michele Battocchio.

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