Sneak Peek – Absolute Black’s Black Diamond Hub

by Brian Mullin on August 20, 2014

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

preparation for the Eurobike show, founder Marcin of Absolute Black
gave us a sneak peek of their brand new Black Diamond hub. The gorgeous
CNC machine hub has distinctive angular and faceted cuts in the middle
of the shell and a nice polished Black finish. The most innovative
aspect of this new product is that the freehub uses a patented magnetic
star ratchet system.

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

partnered with another company (not DT Swiss) to use their magnetic
ratchet system with some slight modifications for their Black Diamond
hub. The hub has a 26-tooth ratchet design and utilizes two opposing
rare earth circular magnets, one in the hub body and the other installed
on the freehub. The magnets repel each other, so that the each ratchet
gets pushed into the other for engagement during pedaling. This simple
magnetic star ratchet system has only one moving part, and it’s should
be reliable, long lasting, easy to service and mud tolerant.

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

maximum durability and long life, the freehub body is made with
Hardened Stainless Steel to help prevent the cassette from digging into
the splines.

Photo courtesy of  Absolute Black

uses large 17 x 30 x 7mm ABEC 5 Enduro low friction bearings with
graphite retainer cages for durability and smooth rolling and has four
sets in the rear and two in the front. To keep the bearings rolling and
compressed properly, it utilizes a bearing preload nut for adjustment,
and its kept things containment free with low friction labyrinth seals.

hubs are for trail and aggressive Enduro use, weigh 138g for front and
268g for the rear, can be ordered in 2-3 weeks and pricing TBA. Looking
forward to seeing how these perform in the real world.

 Black Diamond hub Specs:

  • Huge
    17x30x7mm ABEC 5, Enduro® low friction bearings with graphite retainer
    cages for durability. 4 of them in the rear and 2 up front.
  • Hardened, Stainless Steel freehub for extreme longevity and cassette “dig in” prevention
  • Patented
    Magnetic ratchet system. One of its kind magnetic system which can
    withstand any given conditions with unchanged performance.
  • Only one moving part in ratchet engaging system!
  • External bearing preload nut in both hubs to keep bearings in optimal condition
  • Can be disassembled and cleaned by hand. 
  • Low friction labyrinth seals in both hubs.
  • Designed for Trail and aggressive Enduro. 
  • Last but not least, they just look damn good in the flesh!
  • Front: 15mm (138g)
  • Rear: 142 x 12 11spd (268g) (XD option also available)

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