Interbike 2014 – Jabra Sport Pulse and Sport Rox Wireless Earbuds

by Brian Mullin on October 3, 2014

Jabra is releasing two new Bluetooth enabled earbuds this season. The Sport Pulse Wireless which incorporates an in-ear heart rate monitor and the Sport Rox Wireless which has a unique magnet system that pauses the music when clip the ear buds together.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

is well known for their Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and over the
last couple of years they have been rolling out some great sports
specific headset models. The latest model is the Jabra Sport Pulse
Wireless, which is a Bluetooth enabled earbud that has an in-ear
precision heart rate monitor. Install their Jabra Sport Life app on your
smartphone and you begin an immersive fitness training program. The
speakers give full Dolby Digital sound from the speakers letting you
enjoy a great music experience while training. There is an inline
control system so you can play or pause music, skip tracks, control
volume and take calls. It can play music and talk for around 5 hours from its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

uses a reinforced cables and housing, and a lightweight and
comfortable earbuds are sweat and weatherproof. It comes with different sized ear gel inserts and wings and retails for $199.99.

Jabra Sport Life app is iOS and Android compatible, and you can adjust
heart rate training zones, and set personal goals based on distance,
time, or calories burned. Afterwards you can plan, track, and
evaluate your workouts from the results. For an excellent training assistance, it has a
real-time voice coaching interface that provides feedback on your
workout. It also has a built-in triaxial acceleration sensor to help track your movement and intensity of that movement for additional performance enhancements.

Thoughts => The
Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless would be an immensely useful training tool,
letting you listen to tunes and record and evaluate your heart rate
during a ride. I’ll be interested to see how accurate the HR output is and how useful the real-time voice coaching interface is for training functionality.


Jabra Sport Rox Wireless

Jabra Sport Rox Wireless earbuds are rugged and sweat and stormproof,
and constructed with a solid steel magnetic body. It comes with four
different sizes ear plugs and three ear wings, and it retails for $149.99. The Bluetooth enabled earbud is secure, light and comfortable, and offers premium wireless sound.You can play
or pause music, skip tracks, control volume and take calls with a quick
tap on the headset, making for a user-friendly interface.

unique power-saving magnets let you pause the music while resting. You
just clip the earbuds together while they’re hanging around your neck,
and the magnets will activate the power-saving mode, pausing the system
temporarily. Pull them back apart, and it returns right back where it was
previously running. 

I can see this being a very useful feature for mountain bikers, letting
you rest or speak with someone, by simply clipping them together.
Having a way to listen to music, and quickly pause it without interface
to buttons or your smartphone.

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