Interbike 2014 – Magellan Cycle 505 and 315

by Brian Mullin on October 2, 2014

Cycle 505 and 315 are powerful GPS bike computers, with a slew of
useful features and connectivity protocols, and they can display a fully
highly customizable set of data on a vibrant 3″ color touchscreen. They
utilize the SiRFstarIII GPS chipset for navigation, have a 12-hour
battery life, and it’s water resistant with an IPX7 rating.

this year Magellan released their Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 315 to most of
the world, and the Interbike show was my first opportunity learn about
their features and functionality. One of the main design features that
Magellan wanted to incorporate into the Cyclo series was simplicity and
usability, highlighted by a User Interface (UI) that is easy to use and
highly intuitive. After playing with the new computers at the show, I
think they have succeeded on that front.

The top of the line Cycle
505 comes in two versions, a normal 505 ($429) and the bundled 505hc
($499), the latter includes a heart rate monitor, and speed and cadence
sensors. The Cyclo 505 is ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. It can
communicate with Bluetooth and ANT+ fitness sensors, and to iOS and
select Android mobile devices via Bluetooth, and finally, it can upload
ride data via Wi-Fi. The entry level Cycle 315 also comes in two
versions, a normal 315 ($346) and the bundled 315hc ($429). The Cyclo
315 loses a few upscale features of the 505 and isn’t Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
capable, though will still communicate to ANT+ devices.


  • Complete USA road network and OSM crowd source trail data showing cycling POIs like bicycle shops
  • Surprise Me suggests up to 3 different routes after entering distance or time criteria
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity (only 505)  for smartphones and sensors
  • Support for over 130 ANT+ speed, cadence and heart rate sensors
  • Compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic road bicycle shifting systems with Di2 Wireless Unit featuring D-Fly
  • Shake-N-Share keeps everyone together by sharing a route with other Cyclo 315 or 505 series owners
  • Out-front mount
  • Wi-Fi (only 505) upload your ride data anywhere, anytime with or without your computer.

of the highlights of the Cyclo 505 and 315 is their seamless
integration with Shimano’s Di2 drivetrains, showing gear selection on
the display, battery levels and a slew of other customizable data. It
was nice get a hands-on experience with the interface out using their
Di2 test setup they had in the booth. They also support over 130 ANT+
devices, including speed, cadence, heart rate and power sensors.

505 is Bluetooth capable and connects to Bluetooth
fitness devices and your smartphone (iOS and
Android). You can control music on the phone, get notified of missed
or incoming calls or text messages. One nice feature is that you can respond
automatically to the caller telling them that you’re out riding.

505’s Wi-Fi lets you wirelessly upload your ride data with or without
your computer, and it ends up on their website. If
desired, you can auto-sync your data to your Strava account, and other
sites should be set up shortly for sharing.

The Cyclo series has
some interesting features, including Surprise Me and Shake-N-Share. The
Surprise Me routing feature lets you enter a training distance or time
and then via algorithms and your current location; it calculates three
rides, each with a difficulty and grade rating. The Shake-N-Share
feature lets you share a planned route wirelessly with another Cyclo 315
and 505 device. You just enable the feature, then shake the device back
and forth at another Cycle unit to share a ride.

had some interesting optional colored silicone covers for the Cyclo
computers which will provide some extra protection on and off the bike.
Their up front mount comes with both computers, and the computer clicked
firmly into it and it appeared to be sturdy and tough.

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