Replay XD Prime X POV Camera Released

by Brian Mullin on October 2, 2014

The Prime X is lightweight, small, waterproof POV camera, and utilizes  high-quality construction with excellent optics and a 16MP sensor for superb clarity and color reproduction. I got to scope out the camera at the Interbike show during the second week of September.

I have been a fan of the Replay XD camera for a long time, and reviewed their XD 1080 over two years ago. The Prime X is the fourth generation of their HD cameras, and they have certainly been busy since the new camera is full of features and technology and is a huge leap forward for the company.

The Prime X uses a Hyperion CinePrime X cinema 1/2 inch format lens that incorporates lot’s of fancy glass designs, and it’s then mated to a 16MP CMOS 1/2.3 inch sensor. The lens has a 140º natural wide angle field-of-view operating at T/2.8, ƒ/2.7 protected by an impact resistant lens cover. It can shoot video resolutions up to 1080p 60 fps and 720p 120 fps and photos images at 16MP 4:3, 14MP 3:2, and 12MP 16:9 sizes. It uses an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion 1700 mAh battery, and the new 16MP sensor features 33% lower power consumption, helping to create a 3.5 hour life. The new Wi-Fi capabilities let the camera wirelessly communicate to a mobile device for additional control and viewing abilities. It retails for $299 and is available now.


  • Video – Up to 1080p 60 fps and 720p 120 fps
  • Photo – 16MP – 12MP photos
  • CinePrime X lens – Hyperion CinePrime X Lens, 140º Natural Wide Angle operating at T/2.8, ƒ/2.7
  • 16MP CMOS sensor – 1/2.3 inch in size
  • 2x Better low light Sensitivity
  • 1700 mAh battery – long life 3.5 hours battery
  • Wi-Fi capable – control and adjust advanced settings on the Prime X with your iOS or Android device
  • microSDXC compatible – up to 128GB
  • $299

For further information refer to

Photo courtesy of Replay XD

The small  anodized aluminum cylindrical camera body is rugged and waterproof down to 3m/10′, and weighs 3.5 ounces and measures 1.18″ x 3.8″. It has an excellent usage and form factor, combining two sharp tactile buttons (power and record) with distinctive vibrating mode changes. The new raised power level and record LED indicators and lower profile and wider buttons make improve and ease the user interaction.

Photo courtesy of Replay XD

The resolutions and frame rates are simple to adjust using the improved multicolor LED and buttons system located on the rear of the camera.

of the highlights from the Interbike show was seeing how vastly
improved the image quality of the Prime X camera was over its
predecessor. The new 16MB sensor and CinePrime X lens and improved image
processor work in synergy to produce superb clarity and resolution. I
was also very stoked to see they added wireless
communication capabilities, so you can control, view and review footage
from the camera, something that was sorely missing from their cameras.
The App (iOS and Android) had minimal lag, so movements and changes were smooth and not

The camera attaches to an assortment of mounts and the
kit includes their Tilt and LowBoy mounts, both which connect into their
stick-on flat or curved SnapTray system. The camera is easy to mount
and adjust, and the lens can be rotated 360º to capture just about any
viewpoint or mounting location. 

The kit also includes a 4GB micro SDHC card, a USB cable, a nylon case and a soft camera bag.

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