Moab BLM Bans E-Bikes on Mountain Bike Trails

by Brian Mullin on November 21, 2014

Most of us have been aware of the controversy surrounding the use of e-bikes on mountain bike trails, and numerous articles have appeared online and in print covering the topic. I think the large majority of riders seem to be against the use of e-bikes on those trails, and it tends to be a very strong negative opinion on the subject.

It has been tough to get a feel for how the land managers are going to grapple with the e-bike usage, but it appears that the Moab BLM has written in stone their viewpoint.

Here was their e-bike statement extracted from the Moab BLM Mountain Bike Trails web page =>

Motor Assisted Bicycles:
The Moab BLM has determined that motor assisted bicycles (electric, gas
or diesel) are motorized vehicles. Use of motor assisted bicycles is
only allowed on motorized trails. Please visit the motorized recreation pages for trail information. The use of motor assisted bicycles is NOT allowed on mountain bike trails.

What are you thoughts on e-bikes on mountain bike trails?


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