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by Brian Mullin on December 9, 2014

The Motrr Galileo is an iOS-controlled robotic motorized platform which has spherical rotation capabilities and uses an iPhone, iPod and GoPro HERO for picture recording devices.

The GoPro mount for Galileo allows you to create
sweeping pan movements or towering tilts while taking advantage of the
wide field of view and advanced image sensor of the GoPro HERO cameras.
Coupled with the app-controlled Galileo you have precise control over
the speed and direction of GoPro’s movement.

comes in a Bluetooth and 30-pin models, and is available in white or
black, and retails for $149.95 and $99.95 respectively. The Motrr
Galileo Bluetooth comes with three pluggable rubber inserts to fit
various iOS devices, including iPhone 4S/5C, 5/5S, and an iPod Touch.
The new GoPro mount, which plugs directly into one of those inserts,
costs $29.95.

Galileo weighs seven ounces and has the diameter of a coffee mug and
about half that height. It has a rubber bottom to help it stay in place
and includes a 1/4″ tripod mount and a battery indicator light. The body
has three main sections, the static bottom, the rotating middle, and
the tilting top.

After fully charging the internal battery on
the Galileo through its side Micro USB port, you enable Bluetooth on your iOS
device and install the Motrr app. To pair with your iOS device, open
the app and twist the base of the Galileo and connect them together.
Next, insert a GoPro HERO camera into the Motrr mount and set the mount
into the rubber plug of the Galileo.

To test the functionality of
the Galileo with the GoPro installed, open up the Motrr app, click on
the upper icon, and twist the Galileo to connect them together.  You’ll
now be at the Joystick interface to control the panning and tilting, and
just click Test for a short run through of its capabilities.

To create a 360˚ panning
time-lapse video, I went into the D-Pad mode of the app and set it to a
slow panning speed. I clicked the D-Pad to start the rotation and then
initiated the time-lapse mode on the GoPro with a .5 interval. Once it completed a full rotation, I stopped the camera and uploaded the
pictures into the GoPro Studio software and created a video based on the
captured pictures.

Final Thoughts

I am looking forward to some more test time with the Motrr Galileo and the GoPro HERO. It’s an an easy device to use and opens up a whole world of interesting camera shots. I still need more time to figure out the best panning speeds, editing techniques, set up conditions and environments for use.  

GoPro’s high-quality photography and
video paired with the Galileo’s robotic rotation creates engaging,
professional-looking, 360˚ panning time-lapse videos with ease.
Intuitive to use, simply place the GoPro into Galileo, choose your
GoPro’s recording mode, set Galileo’s motion from your iOS device and
hit record.

Holiday Special
The Motrr Galileo
Bluetooth model is available for $149.95. The GoPro mount, compatible
with the Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4, is now available on pre-order for
$29.95 (ships in 2 weeks). Use code GiftaGalileo at Motrr.com for 20% off through the end of the year.
Learn more about Motrr by visiting motrr.com and browse the full list of compatible apps at motrr.com/apps.html or by downloading the Motrr app.

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