Daily Musing – The start to a fickle winter

by Brian Mullin on January 8, 2015

Winter has been a fickle entity this year along the front range for biking. It has remained moderately dry and somewhat cold throughout most of late December and early January. After finally getting some snow, the temperatures warmed up to the 50’s, and it turned all the snow into slush. Yesterday the temperatures plummeted to the low teens and depending on the singletrack trail I was riding, they were 50-80% ice covered with a dusting of snow. It required a very delicate touch of steering and riding techniques to stay upright, and I was glad I didn’t take any diggers, since it was precarious conditions out there. It was better where hardened footprints allowed you something to bite into, and it was a joy to see dirt in spots. Today it rolled back up to the 50’s again, so I’ll let it soften and venture out.

In the anticipation of the SIA show coming up, here was some skiing entertainment from last year at Monarch. It was my first day out for the year, and it was insanely sweet thigh deep snow.

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