Introducing the TUDIA Klip – Protective Cover for the Apple Charging Cables

by Brian Mullin on May 19, 2015

TUDIA klip
Introducing Klip: Protective Cover Snaps Over
Charging Cable To Prevent Fraying and Splitting,
Extends Life of Lightning and 30 Pin Cables

Paul, MN – May 19, 2015: Aplars announces the launch of Klip, a 2-piece
plastic clip that snaps onto lightning or 30 pin Apple charging cables,
protecting the sensitive area of the cable that most frequently frays
and splits. The clip works by creating a cage around the cable,
preventing wear and tear and limiting how much the cable can bend,
dramatically extending its life. Klip comes in 5 different colors, and
its simple design complements the current styling of Apple charging
cables. Coming in at 0.59 inches in length and .08 oz, Klip’s minimalist
structure adds very little bulk to the cable. Ultimately, Klip is
designed to save users the hassle of repeatedly purchasing $25
replacement cables that can’t keep up with on-the-go charging.

They’re running a Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign in
support of the launch of Klip, refer to Backers can preorder the early bird Klip
pack for as low as $5.00. The campaign runs from May 19, 2015 through June 8, 2015, and they’re trying to raise $25,000. 

Teh, the creator at Aplars LLC states: “There have been way too many
occasions where I have needed to charge my phone right before it dies –
but the charger is frayed and won’t charge the phone. The low quality
charging cables that come with devices just don’t last, so I made a

Grams Thoughts =>  The Klip is a simple device that can save the dreaded fraying cables issue on those expensive Apple charging and connection cables. My family has lot’s of iPhones and iPads around the house. and it’s such a bummer when one of those required cables dies on you when you need it most. Looking forward to some real world testing on this minimalist and functional device.

Support For You and The Cable.

pack of Klips comes with two clips, one for each end of the cable.
Users simply slide on the colored piece over the cable and then snap on
the other half. Once on, the sturdy device locks the frequently fraying
cable parts into place. By protecting the original Apple chargers, Klip
eliminates the need to purchase cheaper aftermarket cables, which may
not be supported by the device it’s meant to charge, ultimately causing
charging and syncing issues.


  • Fits Lightning and 30 Pin Apple chargers
  • Available in Pink, Blue, Green, Grey, and Yellow
  • Extends life of cable and prevents fraying
  • Easy snap on procedure
  • Reduces the need for replacement cables

The Campaign

Aplars LLC will be running an Indiegogo campaign in support of the launch of Klip. Backers can preorder the early bird Klip pack for as low as $5.00. The campaign, which launches May 19, 2015, will run through June 8, 2015, and aims to raise $25K goal. Backers can expect to receive Klip by July 1, 2015.

Indiegogo campaign: indiegogo tudia-klip 

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