Just In – Panaracer FatBNimble tire, WTB Scraper rim and Industry Nine Boost hub

by Brian Mullin on July 15, 2015

Ibis Ripley 27.5+ Set Up

The FatBNimble shine in loose and sloppy conditions and they provide superb braking and good traction and control. 

27.5+ Testing 

For my initial testing in the Plus world, I decided to start with 27.5+ tires and mount them on a 45mm rim and a Boost front hub and install everything on a 27.5+ fork. I ended up choosing a Manitou Magnum 27.5+ fork with 140mm of travel and the Panaracer FatbNimble 27.5×3.5 tire on a WTB Scraper i45 rim mounted to an Industry Nine Boost hub, which were built up by Chris Murray Wheel Works.

Panaracer FatBNimble tire

Industry Nine Boost Hub

The new I9 Boost 110x15mm front hub weighs just 8g more than its normal brethren, but the 5mm wider flange spacing yields a supposed 30% increase in stiffness for the front wheel. The hub body is CNC machined from 7075-T651 and turns on one piece aluminum axle and use sealed industrial Japanese ABEC grade 5 bearings and come in 28 and 32 hole drilling. They’re gorgeously machined hubs that are well built and have incredible attention to detail, and come in an assortment of vivid colors.

WTB Scraper Rims

The wide Scraper i45 aluminum rim comes in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, and have a 45mm inner and 49mm outer width, and weigh 650g and 695g (27.5/29) and retail for $149.95. The Scraper rim has their WTB’s TCS inner rim profile, 4D angled drilling, welded construction and is made from their WT69 Alloy.

FatBNimble Tires

Fat Stuff: Bike B Nimble, bike be quick. The Nimble is available in three diameters (26″, 27.5″, 29″) and three widths (26×4, 27.5×3.5, 29×3). It’s an amazingly capable tire at amazing weights considering the amount of tread you are putting on the ground. Get your fat on, Nimbly.

Measured Specs:

  • FatBNimble 27.5×3.5 – 710.4 grams & 2.9″wide carcass
  • Industry Nine 110×15 Boost – 160 grams
  • WTB Scraper – 658 grams,
  • Wheel – 1034 grams & Total with tape/valve 1054 grams

Panaracer FatBNimble tire tread

First Impressions

The directional FatBNimble tire has a round profile with seven rows of knobs, including a single set of center knobs, followed by two sets on the sides and finally an outer set on the shoulder. The tread pattern utilizes small and well-spaced blocks that are comprised of a variety ramps and steps, some of those are angled, and many of them have deep siping. Those well-spaced knobs clear mud and debris and even with relatively low tread height they bite nicely into loose trail conditions.

I set them up tubeless, which took only a minimal amount of work, and I haven’t had any issues once the sealant sealed the rim bead. I am running them at 15psi, which seems to be excellent comprise for ride quality, plushness, and float. The casing seemed thin at first, but it has so far been pretty durability in everything I have tossed at them. The casing has some nice suppleness and flexibility that helps it conform to the terrain and rocks for improved traction, braking, and better feel and ride quality.

Manitou Magnum fork

Where these tires shine is in the loose and sloppy conditions and they provide superb braking and good traction and control. Even when pushed over for cornering the knobs seem to bite with aplomb and if they do wash out it’s in a predictable manner. When hauling through rocks gardens the shoulder knobs can pop off the rocks sometimes for a somewhat odd feeling, but the tire stays their course. Their lightweight and tread pattern produce a decently fast rolling tire for such a big beast. They’re great in the sand, gravel, soft loam and the slop and they can plow through most anything with ease when its deep and loose. I haven’t gotten them much in super dry conditions since it’s been very rainy in Colorado. They’ve mostly been in damper conditions, and I have dealt with everything from extremely wet to hero dirt and a tad of dry.

The wide Industry Nine Boost hubs do their job and roll along sweetly like they’re rolling on silky smooth bearings with little resistance. The tires fit nicely on the nice WTB Scraper rims, and the wheelset is extremely strong and I never felt any give that is greatly due to the excellent build work by Chris (thanks).

Wheel Height Comparisons

  • 29 – WTB Vigilante 29×2.3 & DT Swiss XM 1501 (27mm OD) 29 7/16″
  • 29 – WTB Trail Boss 29×2.25 & DT Swiss XM 1501 (27mm OD) 29 1/16″
  • 27.5+ – Panaracer FatbNimble 27.5×3.5 & WTB Scraper (45mm OD) 28 9/16″
  • 27.5 – Conti Trail King 27.5×2.4 & Ibis 741 (41mm OD) rims 28 1/8″

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