Introducing the Wide American Classic Smokin’ Gun 29 or 27.5 Wheels

by Brian Mullin on August 26, 2015

Smokin' Gun 27.5

American Classic announced several new products for this next season, the foremost being the wide Smokin’ Gun tubeless wheelsets that have with a 43mm outer and 40mm inner width. The wheels come in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes and the entire slew of hub specs, including their new boost front and rear, standard QR, lefty front and more normal thru axles. The 32-hole rims get their 14/15 gauge spokes and nipples and come fitted with their new blue tubeless tape.

Grams Thoughts => Bill is rolling out these big wide 43mm wheels that will work great with fat tires such as the Continental Trail King 2.4 and maybe even some of the skinnier Plus sized tires. The monster rims won’t quite turn on a dime, but the extra girth and stability means the tire is given a wider and more direct “support” by the rim. It also allows low pressures to be run for more grip, less rolling resistance in rough terrain, a higher capability to absorb impacts as well as better braking and traction. The wheels are pretty light for such a big wheel (27.5@1733g and 29@1790g) which should result in better acceleration and rolling.I am looking forward to seeing how these ride in the real world.

Smokin’ Gun Wheelset 29 or 27.5

The Smokin’ Gun features Bill Shook’s latest engineering feat with its tubeless rim profile 43mm wide with a 40mm inner width. Strong for enduro with great speed and nimble handling. This jumbo rim profile widens the tire, creating more air volume resulting improved ground control. Roll over everything and keep going. The Smokin’ Gun is meant for great days on the trail and racing.

Smokin' Gun 29

Smokin’ Gun Specs:

  • 27.5 1733 gr/pair with standard hubs or boost hubs
  • 29 1790 gr/pair
  • Your choice of hubs and axle spec 32/32 spoke hole drilling:
    • Front 6 bolt disc 15mm thru axle, new 110mm x 15mm boost thru axle, standard QR, lefty, new RS1 reactive steering hub
    • Rear 6 bolt shimano/sram 10-11 speed or sram xd 12mm x 142mm, standard QR, new boost 12mm x 148mm
  • Taped with new AC Blue tubeless tape sets (1 fiber layer, 1 blue tape layer), AC tubeless valves
  • AC 14/15 gauge black spokes, AC silver nipples
  • Can be ridden with a tubeless tire and sealant or with standard tire and tube

ac boost hubs

Boost hubs

Bill Shook designed our new AC boost hub sets to build a stronger wheel. These hubs, front and rear, have symmetric flange spacing resulting in equally dished wheels. To the rider, this means that the wheel is laterally stiffer with more responsive handling and acceleration. The improved chain line on our AC boost hubs allows huge tires to fit tighter and closer to the bottom bracket so that the boost bikes with their short wheel base handle crisply.

Boost hubs Specs:

  • Options 32 spoke hole:
    • Front 6 bolt disc 110mm x 15mm boost thru axle
    • Rear 6 bolt shimano/sram 10-11 speed or sram xd boost 12mm x 148mm
  • These hubs are available on the new AC Smokin Gun and Wide Lightning wheelsets

 ac blue tape

AC blue tubeless tape sets

It was time to improve our tubeless tape! Our new blue tape sets are stronger, stickier and easier to install. It conforms well to the inner shape of any rim, AC or another brand. More tear resistant. Start with 1 layer of fiber tape and then 1 layer of blue tape. Valve hole opening can be made with a sharp awl or a soldering iron. Widths 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 43mm. Small kits for 2 wheel or shop roll kits for 12 wheels.

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