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by Brian Mullin on August 24, 2015

Trax Fatty

The Trax Fatty shines in loose conditions, and they provide superb braking, traction, and control and they love to haul through rocks gardens and gnarly terrain. 

Trax Fatty

The Trax Fatty are a Plus sized version of Vee Tire’s versatile Trax model. The tires come in a variety of sizes and widths and two different compounds and casings. It comes in 26×3, 27.5×2.8, 27.5×3, 27.5×3.25 and 29×3 with a Single and Silica Compound and a 72tpi and 120tpi casing. I ended up testing the 27.5×3.25 Silica compound tire that has a 120tpi casing.

Trax Fatty - Ibis Ripley

I installed the Trax Fatty on a WTB Scraper i45 rim mounted to an Industry Nine Boost hub, which were built up by Chris Murray Wheel Works. I wanted to use 27.5+ tires in the rear of my Ibis Ripley, but the rear spacing barely allowed a 2.3 tire, so I ended up using WTB Vigilante 29×2.3. I choose a Manitou Magnum 27.5+ fork with 140mm of travel up front to test out the Trax Fatty.

Measured Specs:

  • Trax Fatty 27.5×3..25 – 1004 grams & 3.06″wide carcass

Trax Fatty - side view

Company fodder: “With both tapered and ramped center knobs for low rolling resistance and responsive traction, the Trax Fatty is as good as it gets for you fatbike riders on larger diameter wheels. Diamond and rectangular shaped transition knobs keep this tire firmly planted when cornering, while its larger diameter smoothes your ride – both key features in your speed over rough terrain.”

Trax Fatty - Tread Pattern

First Impressions

The directional Trax Fatty tire has a tall round profile that has six rows of knobs including a double set of center knobs, a set on the sides and finally an outer set on the shoulder. The tread pattern utilizes the dual ramped center blocks, single alternating diamond shaped side blocks and square shaped outer shoulder blocks. Those well-spaced knobs clear mud and debris and the tread height allows them to bite nicely into loose trail conditions.

I set them up tubeless, which took only a minimal amount of work, and I haven’t had any issues once the sealant sealed the rim bead. I am running them at 15psi, which seems to be excellent comprise for ride quality, plushness, and float. The casing seems tough and has so far been pretty durable in everything I have tossed at them. Although the casing is rugged, it still retains some suppleness and flexibility that helps it conform to the terrain and rocks for improved traction, braking, and ride quality. The Silica compound is sticky on rocks and roots and has a nice tactile feel for better steering, control, and ride.

Trax Fatty - profile

This tire shines in loose conditions, and they provide superb braking, traction, and control. The outer knobs seemed to bite into things when pushed over for cornering and they love it when rolled up into big berms. Rolling them back and forth on a trail is a complete hoot and brings a big grin to the face. They love to haul through rocks gardens and gnarly terrain, and the tread pattern and compound adhere nicely to rocks and roots. The tread pattern also produces a decently fast rolling tire for such a big and heavy beast, though it’s not on par with the Panaracer FatBNimble. They seemed to want to steer and drive straight on fire roads and flat terrain and required an extra bit of force to turn in those situations. Once they’re on more typical rugged trail conditions, the odd steering isn’t an issue. They’re great in the gravel and soft loam, and they can plow through most anything with ease when its deep and loose. They didn’t seem to float as nicely as the FatBNimble in the sand, but they did work much better in the gravel.

I am looking forward to some more testing on the fine tire.

Trax Fatty Specs

  • Compound – Silica and Single
  • Casing – 72 and 120
  • Bead – Wire Bead and Folding Bead
  • Recommended pressure – 8 to 20psi (0.6bar-1.4bar).
  • Weights – 26×3.00 (Weight: 930), 27.5×2.80 (Weight:XXX). 27.5×3.00 (Weight: 1025), 27.5×3.25 (Weight: 895) , 29×3.0 (Weight: 1025)
          Size  Compound  Casing     Bead MSRP
26 x 3 72 Wire 65
26 x 3 Single 72 Folding 75
26 x 3 Siica 120 Folding 105
27.5 x 2.8 Single 72 Wire 90
27.5 x 2.8 Single 72 Folding 100
27.5 x 2.8 Silica 120 Folding 110
27.5 x 3 Single 72 Wire 95
27.5 x 3 Single 72 Folding 105
27.5 x 3 Silica 120 Folding 115
27.5 x 3.25 Single 72 Wire 100
27.5 x 3.25 Single 72 Folding 110
27.5 x 3.25 Silica 120 Folding 120
29 x 3 Single 72 Wire 100
29 x 3 Single 72 Folding 110
29 x 3 Silica 120 Folding 120

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