Magura Introduces the Vyron Wireless Dropper Seatpost

by Brian Mullin on August 26, 2015

Magura Vyron

Dropper seatposts are ubiquitous in the mountain bike world, and except for those annoying hand operated dropper post, they all depend on a cable or hydraulic line and a remote for actuation. Magura has jumped up the ante with the release of their 150mm Vyron wireless dropper post. It’s a cable-free system that uses a handlebar remote that communicates wirelessly using the ANT+  protocol to a transceiver on the post. The transceiver in turn operates a small piezoelectric motor to open and close the oil port for travel actuation. The Vyron is a hydraulic post that utilizes an air spring for return. I am looking forward to trying one of these wireless dropper posts out, as I not only like the idea, but I highly value all of Magura’s excellent product suite.

The Vyron will be available early 2016 in two popular diameters–30.9 mm and 31.6 mm. Recommended retail price will be $460.

Magura Vyron - closeup

Magura Vyron Wireless Dropper Seatpost

The first of it’s kind, Vyron wireless dropper seatpost from Magura uses the proven eLECT, cable-free, remote with ANT+ wireless technology—the same remote already utilized on Magura suspension forks and shocks. The exclusive wireless remote operation adds significant functionality and user-friendliness. With a quick press of the button on the handlebar remote, the saddle height drops smoothly by up to 150 mm—another quick press returns it to its optimal position for pedaling.

Because the Vyron needs no cables—an exclusively unique feature—it is incredibly easy to install or even switch between bikes. The seatposts battery only needs recharging after approximately 400 actuations or typically around two months’ use. A motion sensor in the seatpost puts it into sleep mode to save battery power when the bike is not moving, and Magura’s engineers have ensured that even if the remotes battery or the main rechargeable pack in the seatpost are almost empty, there are still up to 20 emergency actuations. A full recharge from empty is around 3 hours via a micro-USB port.

The Vyron’s eLECT remote can be mounted to your preference on the left or right side of the handlebars, placing the operating buttons close to the grip for instinctive on-trail operation and maximum ergonomic efficiency. The Vyron’s remote can also be easily mated with Magura eLECT suspension fork and/or shock units. All three buttons can be used to remotely control each eLECT unit used. Vyron uses Magura Royal Blood hydraulic fluid for a particularly maintenance-free system—and if it ever becomes necessary, bleeding the Vyron’s hydraulic system is remarkably easy.

The Vyron will be available early 2016 in two popular diameters–30.9 mm and 31.6 mm. Recommended retail price will be $460.

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