Interbike 2015 – Borealis Flume and Crestone

by Brian Mullin on September 15, 2015

Borealis Flume

Borealis releasing two new bikes for the 2016 season, the alloy Flume and the closed-molded Caron fiber Crestone.

Borealis Flume

The Borealis Flume is their first foray into an alloy frameset, making for an affordable opportunity for the consumer to ride one of their fat bikes. It gets all the benefits, design and technical expertise of their more costly brethren, including the Crestone, Echo, and Yampa. The orange frameset was quite stunning, and this bike is going to be a real winner for them.

“Our new frame affectionately named, Flume, is an exciting new all-aluminum frame with high end carbon bar, post and fork is absolutely a bike that our customers will truly enjoy riding,” said Steve Kaczmarek, company Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to offer this new product to the market, we feel confident it is exactly what our customer wants to see from us in a segment of this growing market.”

Borealis Flume - angled

The Flume will start shipping through The Fat Bike Company’s dealers and distributors in early October 2015, with as yet to be announced the price.


  • All aluminum frame with careful attention to finish details
  • Borealis unique geometry for the best ride experience
  • SRAM GX components
  • Borealis Post, Bar and Fork
  • Upgrade option to Lauf or Bluto fork
  • Available in all new exciting graphics

Borealis Crestone

Borealis Crestone

The new Borealis Crestone was constructed with a closed-mold procedure that created a strong and tough carbon fiber frame. With new geometry and this new carbon construction, the Crestone is built to handle aggressive riders better than previous designs.

“This announcement is very exciting for me and my team as we incorporated entirely new construction methods with the Crestone.  We challenged ourselves to utilize an entirely new computer generated design-perfection process which helped reduce waste in manufacturing along with reduction of the frame’s weight.   It took countless months to fully test this frame and our team invested endless hours to ensure it is, geometrically, the finest carbon fat bike brought to market, to date, “added Kaczmarek  “We are excited to watch the global fat bike market ride the Crestone and are confident it will be very well received and recognized as one of the most advanced products in the marketplace. “

Borealis Creatone - angled

The Crestone will be available for purchase through The Fat Bike Company’s dealers and distributors in early fall 2015, with as yet to be announced the price.


  • New Impact and Fatigue standards to match the demands of riders who might ride a Fat Bike more aggressively
  • Totally new frame design developed to be more durable and thrilling to ride, while maintaining an aesthetic becoming of a high performance product
  • Weighs in at 150 grams less than the Echo
  • Available in two new colorways
  • Advanced carbon molding with state of the art production
  • Designed with reduced stand over height, top tube drops by one half inch
  • Available with SRAM XO1 or XX1 components

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