Interbike 2015 – Schwalbe EVO Tubes and Fat Albert Tires

by Brian Mullin on September 27, 2015

EVO Tube

Schwalbe has been on a small roll lately and at Sea Otter they showed off the Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron 27.5+ tires, which will come in two sizes of 27.5×2.8 and 27.5×3.0. Some other new products for the 2016 season include the trick ultra-light EVO tube they weigh a mere 72g for the 27.5″ size and the upgraded Fat Albert tire with new front and rear tread designs.

EVO Tube

The Schwalbe EVO or Evolution bike tube uses a special thermoplastic material created in partnership with the largest chemical producer in the world, BASF.  This material is called Aerothan, and it creates a performance tube that is stable, puncture proof, can retain air for long periods of time and is lightweight. This high-quality and ultra-low weight tube can retain air as well as conventional butyl tubes and possess the same resistance to punctures.

EVO Tube - valve stem

The tube, and the clear valve base and valve spindle are all the Aerothan material, and the tube can be recycled extremely easily. The tube can be repaired with their Schwalbe Glueless Patches though you must not use sandpaper to roughen the damaged spot before applying the patch. A couple of caveats, Aerothan is more heat-sensitive than butyl, so you can’t use the tube with a rim brake.

EVO Tube - folded

The EVO Tube only weighs a third of the standard Schwalbe tube.

  Schwalbe EVO   Schwalbe Extralight   Schwalbe Standard
  26″   68 g   130 g   190 g
  27.5″   72 g   135 g   205 g
  29″   76 g   140 g   220 g

The EVO tubes are 100% recyclable and will be available in early 2016.

Fat Albert Tires - front

Fat Albert Tires

Schwalbe is revamping their namesake Fat Albert tires with brand new tread designs for the both the front and rear. The front tire gets widely spaced and more rounded lugs that will help with rolling and reduce clogging. The odd pattern is said to create a better contact patch, aid with braking and grip in various terrain conditions. It uses their sticky and soft TrailStar Triple compound for increased grip and traction, and includes their tough SnakeSkin sidewall protection and is tubeless ready.

Fat Albert Tires - rear

The rear tire gets a more traditional pattern with an increased lug count, and the center lugs are positioned transversely to maximize the power being transferred to the ground. This profile aids in quicker acceleration and improved braking. The big blocky lugs are spaced closer for improved traction, braking, and cornering. The deep side lugs should aid in off-camber cornering when the tire gets pushed to its extremes.  The Rear comes in the harder and more durable PaceStar Triple compound, and includes their tough SnakeSkin sidewall protection and is tubeless ready

The tires will come in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes with 2.35″ widths, weigh 780g for the 29″ and 740g for the 27.5″, and should be available in early 2016.

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