Ryders Eyewear Caliper Anti-fog Photochromic Review

by Brian Mullin on September 8, 2015

Ryders Eyewear Caliper

The Ryders Eyewear Caliper has superb anti-fog functions, excellent comfort and clarity and photochromic characteristics, and the large suspended lenses offers a panoramic field of view, and spaciousness.

The Ryders Eyewear Caliper Anti-fog Photochromic is an impressive pair of sunglasses. They’re comfortable, fog free, durable, scratch resistant, and offer exceptional optical clarity, with great varying light capabilities from their photochromic properties. The lens shape and size offers full coverage and an excellent field of vision while the frame is comfortable and has an anti-slip ear and nose pieces. Ryders stepped up the ante this year by adding their phenomenal Anti-fog technology to several sunglasses in their lineup, and I can attest to its functionally while using the Calipers in all sorts of inclement conditions and weather.

 Ryders Eyewear Caliper - helmet side view

Caliper Features

The optically correct Polycarbonate lens is impact resistant and shatterproof and has a scratch-resistant coating for additional durability. They embedded the anti-fog into the back of the lens and then cover it with a scratch resistant coating to make it washable and durable. The front of the lens has a Hydrophobic or water repelling layer the keeps them free from retaining water droplets and reduces marking. The photochromic lens quickly darkens with a brownish tint or lightens with an amber tint depending on light intensity, and they offer category 1—3 (47%—15%) light transmissions. They offer 100% protection against sunlight UV types, which include UVA’s, UVB’s, and UVC’s.

The Calipers frames are made from the durable TR90 thermoplastic material and use a combination of a Lifestyle frame and the typical skinny frame that makes a nice compromise between each style. It utilizes a wide section of the hinge and temple, which offers additional side protection from sunlight and the wind. The hinged wraparound frames have a nice sculptured curve and have a soft rubber shock absorbing anti-slip material for the nose and ears, offering grip while doing an athletic movement. The frames come in a Camouflage color scheme with Brown lenses, are RX-able, weigh 32 grams and retail for $129.99.

Ryders Eyewear Caliper - worn side


In the many months of use, they have been through every weather condition possible, snow, hail and rain, and have withstood heinous terrain and my full abuse, and they have performed flawlessly, and they are still my go-to sunglasses.

Ryders Eyewear Caliper - fog

Does the anti-fog work? 

This year in Colorado has been an amazingly wet, foggy and rainy so I got to test the anti-fog capabilities of their system, and I am highly impressed at how well it works. The Calipers were in heavy rain storms and deep misty fog, and except for an occasional mild fog spot towards the top of the lens in the most adverse conditions, they have been fog free. In rain storms, the front lens rolled water quickly off and never caused any issues with vision obstruction. In the heavy mist, they could be easily cleared off by rolling your head left or right to clear off the droplets, and they still didn’t fog up under such adverse conditions. Any other pair of sunglasses that I have used would have suffered more significant fogging issues, and you’d have to take them off and wipe them clean or flop them through the air to remove the fog. So the answer to “Does the anti-fog work?”, that would be a resounding yes.

Ryders Eyewear Caliper - side

I liked the full coverage they offer, giving a good field of vision, aerodynamics, and excellent wind coverage. The wind protection is due to the large lenses, wrap around frames, which act like side shields, and that they sit close (but not too close) to your face.  The side sun coverage that the frame offers are quite nice, and cuts down on eye fatigue and scattered light entry, and the frame and lens curve around enough that the sides don’t interfere with your peripheral vision. I always like sunglasses that have suspended or hanging lenses, as it gives better panoramic vision, without any distracting frame in your lower vision, giving an uninterrupted viewpoint. The curve of the frame and the anti-slip rubber shock absorbing nose and ear coverings, keep the sunglasses stuck to my head no matter how rough the terrain tossed at me. I took them on many rides at multiple water parks, and they stayed planted on my face no matter how much water got tossed at me. They have been comfortable, with a nice fit and feel, and the soft nose and ear pieces are adjustable so they can be easily fine tuned.

Ryders Eyewear Caliper - top

I am not user-friendly to sunglasses, and so far I haven’t scratched or dinged the lenses that highlight the excellent durability of the polycarbonate material and their scratch-resistant coating. They offer great varying light capabilities due to the photochromic lenses, and the brown and amber tint has been especially nice on the cloudy and foggy days. They aren’t the best on a super bright sunny day, and they aren’t light enough at dusk, but that is pushing the limits of its design specifications. The lenses have excellent optical quality, and they’re a distortion free with a high degree of clarity. The lenses are large and curved enough for a nice panoramic field of view, and being suspended adds additional spaciousness.

Ryders Eyewear Caliper - helmet

Bottom Line

I love the Ryders Eyewear Caliper Anti-fog Photochromic sunglasses, as they are comfortable, stay put, have great clarity and superb anti-fog capabilities, and offer excellent wind and side sun protection. The lenses’ photochromic capabilities are great in varying conditions and their durable, scratch and impact resistant. The anti-fog works in real world conditions including heavy rain storms, misty colds days and hot and humid ones, while the front Hydrophobic coating keeps water from beading up and obstructing your vision. They fit comfortably within the confinements of full-faced and normal helmets, without any fitting issues.

The Ryders Eyewear Caliper has superb anti-fog functions, excellent comfort and clarity and photochromic characteristics, and the large suspended lenses offers a panoramic field of view, and spaciousness.


  • Photochromic
  • Scratch resistant
  • Side sun protection wind protection
  • Comfortable
  • Clarity
  • Superb anti-fog coating
  • Field of view and spaciousness


  • Not their best on bright sunny days
  • One frame and lens color


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