Interbike 2015 – Magura Vyron Dropper Seatpost

by Brian Mullin on October 27, 2015

Magura Vyron

Dropper seatposts are ubiquitous in the mountain bike world, and except for those annoying hand operated dropper post, they all depend on a cable or hydraulic line and a remote for actuation. Magura has jumped up the ante with the release of their 150mm Vyron wireless dropper post.

Magura Vyron - remot and head closeup

It’s a cable-free system that uses a handlebar remote that communicates wirelessly using the ANT+  protocol to a transceiver on the post. The transceiver in turn operates a small piezoelectric motor to open and close the oil port for travel actuation. The Vyron is a hydraulic post that utilizes an air spring for return. It uses Magura Royal Blood for its hydraulic fluid, and the battery only needs to be recharged after 400 actuations or two months’ of use and the recharge takes 3 hours via its micro-USB port. If the remote or main battery gets near empty, it’s engineered to have 20 emergency actuations to get you back home safely.

I played with the early prototype at Interbike, and it performed smoothly though the response and lag time for actual movement seemed slow. This design will make installation a breeze, since the only manual steps would be installing the saddle. I am looking forward to trying one of these wireless dropper posts out, as I not only like the idea, but I highly value all of Magura’s excellent product suite.

The Vyron will be available early 2016 in two popular diameters–30.9 mm and 31.6 mm. Recommended retail price will be $460.

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