Just In – Level Nine Stem and Voke Tabs

by Brian Mullin on November 9, 2015

Level Nine All Mountain Team Stem


Level Nine All Mountain Team Stem

“The All Mountain Team stem represents everything we love most about technical trail bikes today. Designed to compliment the smooth flowing lines and organic shapes of contemporary carbon trail bikes, it’s strong enough that you can bolt it on’ and line up for high speed runs at your local Enduro series, but light enough for all-day trail epics. Stiff and confidence inspiring, this is our stem of choice for our all mountain trail rigs.”

The 6061 Aluminum Level Nine All Mountain Team stem comes in 40, 50, 60 and 70mm lengths, has a 6º ride, is available in Black and Gunmetal and retails for $105.

All rise for the stiff one!

Grams Thoughts

It’s tough to review any well made and designed stem since they pretty much all do the same thing, they’re stiff and strong. I never felt any flex or give to the stem, though it seemed to offer just a tad of damping when punching hard through gnarly terrain. What I like about this stem is that it’s pretty darn gorgeous, with lovely swooping lines and contours, and the gunmetal color scheme and luster make it a real standout. I tested their 60mm stem, and it measured out as 63.9mm long and weighed in at  150.7 grams. I am looking forward to some long term use with this stunning stem.

Level Nine All Mountain Team Stem - top and front


  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Rise: 6º
  • 125g (50mm)
  • 31.8mm bar clamp diameter
  • Titanium bolts, 5mm bolt
  • Available in 40mm to 70mm lengths
  • $105
Voke Tab


Voke Tab

“In every tin of Voke you will find seven energy tabs made with the finest ingredients, delivering a smooth, vitalizing boost. With our simple recipe, rich in 3 premium botanical ingredients, each Voke Tab delivers a punch without the high sugar content, vitamin overload & artificial ingredients of most energy products. This makes Voke Tab the best way to: Improve Memory & Focus, Increase Stamina and Stimulate your Metabolism”

Grams Thoughts

I am not a coffee person, but I do like my caffeine in the form of strong English Breakfast tea, which jump starts my body and brain for work and exercise. Voke Tabs was created by a competitive skier to give a natural caffeine source to it users in the form of small chewable tablets. The tablets main ingredients are green tea leaves, guarana berry, acerola cherries, and other non-synthetic constitutes. Each tablet has 77mg of caffeine along with some additional kick from Guarana, and they retail for $1 per tab, or $7 a tin. When first chewing the pills they have a nice initial cherry taste, followed a vitamins and Tums taste, then finishing off with an odd bitter aftertaste, though it isn’t bad enough to be intolerable. The caffeine kick comes in a bit slow but seems to last a decent amount of time, making for an enjoyable most of the day buzz.

  • Serv. Size: 1 Tab (2.4g)
  • Servings: 7
  • Amount per serving: Calories 2, Sugars 0g, Vitamin C 60mg (100% DVI)
  • Voke Blend 188mg (Organic Guarana Berry Seed, Natural Caffeine, Organic Acerola Cherry)
  • Other
    ingredients: Organic Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Organic Maltodextrin,
    Palm Oil, Natural Color (from Beets), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C),
    Magnesium Stearate, Rebiana (from Stevia Leaves), Monk Fruit Extract,
    Citric Acid

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